When the lockdown started in March I thought it would be short-lived and it would be an excuse to see the movies that I haven’t. OTT’s vied with each other to release movies. Although I didn’t see as many movies as I thought I would, I did see a few. 


Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal

This was the first movie that I saw. Having seen a few reviews I thought this would be an amazing movie. It was anything but. The fact that Dulquer Salmaan acted in the move gave it some visibility. It had a racy first-half and a drab second-half. Gautam Menon’s appearance in the movie was a surprise and the spin on the scene from VTV failed to elicit the required reaction. I think people call such things as “meta”. It wasn’t the way I would’ve wanted to start out watching movies in the lockdown. 



While watching the promotional videos during the release of Falaknama Das and the ensuing ruckus, the main thought on my mind was why were a few people that were supporting Vishwak Sen doing it ? HIT was the first movie of Vishwak Sen that I have seen and I am impressed with his performance in the movie. Screenplay of the movie is tight. Can we complain about something in the movie? Yes, the length of the movie. I guess the director took such time to throw the people off the track. It does pay off when the final reveal is made. 

Vishwak Sen is a powerhouse performer and it shows. After watching the movie I did understand the reason the man sits on a lot of hype. If he doesn’t do anything wrong off the screen, there is no stopping him from zooming into the higher echelons 



Would I have seen Chhichhore if not for Sushant Singh Rajput ? Not as soon as I saw it, but I would’ve eventually gotten around to watching it because of Naveen Polishetty. There would be very few people who wouldn’t have enjoyed his videos during the lockdown. We can put it down to talent, but the man gives his 100% to whatever he does and it shows. Any person who has spent time in hostel will relate to it. The language used, while natural, is a little iffy. All-in-all, the movie takes us on a nostalgic trip. At the end, it’s sad to realise that the actor at the centre of it all isn’t among us. 


I rewatched a few scenes from the movies that I have already seen. Prime among them was Baahubali. I still fail to understand why Rajamouli failed to use the still (pic at top) as a publicity material. It’s my favourite frame in the entire movie, both parts included 

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