Episode 29 – Dhokadhari

Time Period – 1965

Plot of the case: A man comes from Meerut and seeks accommodation at a dharamshala. Upon not finding a place to stay, he is approached by a person to stay at his place as he would be away for a duration. The former gets shot at the latter’s place. Byomkesh solves the case easily and how he catches the culprit(s) forms the base of the story.

Episode 30 – Sahi Ka Kanta

Time Period – 1967

Plot of the case: A rich man gets married and gets told by the girl that she loves someone else. Upon finding out the truth, he doesn’t trouble the girl. The girl keeps getting calls from her lover and he asks her not to reveal his name. Parallel to the main theme, we also notice that there are a few murders of vagrants with Porcupine’s Quills. The rich man also falls victim to the porcupine’s quill. How Byomkesh connects these and finds out the identity of the lover is the case 

Episode 31 – Veni Sanhar

Time Period – 1968

Plot of the case: A rich man wants to make his will and postpones his decision by a couple of days. He is driven to this decision by suspicion. He thinks his family wants to kill him. Days before the will was to be made, he is found murdered along with his househelp. Byomkesh solves this case easily in the end. 

Episode 32 – Lohe Ka Biscuit

Time Period – 1969

Plot of the case : A bank employee comes to seek Byomkesh’s help as he is bidding farewell to his son going for higher studies. He finds out that the bank employee has been threatened to be evicted from the house in the past by a few people. Earlier he was living in a portion in the house and the owner gave him the custody of the house. So, with the owner’s permission, he brings his family to live with him. After a few days they find a dead body as well. Byomkesh solves the case after noticing a horseshoe magnet and a few iron boxes.

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