Episode 26 – Chakrant

Time Period – 1963

Plot of the case: This is a good episode. Starts off well and keeps the viewer engrossed. A doctor knocks on the door of Byomkesh and explains the problem of his “rich” patient. The latter lent money to an acquaintance and when he asks back for it, he gets a look that makes him feel he is being threatened for murder. The rich man gets a stroke in fear and keeps a security cover for 20 out of 24 hours in a day. Byomkesh, after the preliminary investigations, meets the man that the old man was scared of and finds next morning that he has been murdered. The episode runs towards the end in an easy manner after that.

Episode 27 – Paheli Gatha

Time period – 1964

Plot of the case: One of those rare episodes where Byomkesh makes a late entry into the case. While it is built up till the point he is introduced in the episode it starts to go downhill from the moment he takes up the investigation of the case. The case is simple enough – one person is shot in the building that Byomkesh stays in. The floors below belong to a mess where people from different places come and stay. Three people invite Ajit to play bridge with them. One day, while getting downstairs, Ajit hears a gun being shot. The other three hear the same and see a person with a specific colour shawl running into the crowd. How Byomkesh takes the common root of Dacca and solves the crime forms the rest of the episode

Episode 28 – Kamra Number 102

Time period – 1964

Plot of the case: A man is found to be dead in a room of a hotel. Upon investigation it’s found that he was maintaining a dual identity. One of them, from his past, was a film actor. There a few suspects but the motive when it’s revealed is good.

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