Episode 23 – Wasiyat ka Rahasya

Time Period: 1960

Plot of the case: Byomkesh receives New Year’s wishes from an old acquaintance and going through the contents of the letter, he finds something amiss. Initially he puts it down to senility, but knowing the man, he feels he should come to a conclusion after a visit. The next day he comes to know that the old man suffered a heart attack. He is not allowed to meet him by his son and daughter-in-law. After meeting the doctor he comes to know that he has written a will. How Byomkesh finds the will and does justice to its recipients is what follows.

Episode 24 – Bemisaal

Time Period: 1960

Plot of the case: It’s an episode that starts off with misogynistic undertones (you could probably say that they were setting the episode up) and as the episode progresses there is some suspense. An old man lets out one of the two houses he has to a newly-married couple. The couple work different shifts and are rarely together. The old man wakes up in the night, one day, and sees the husband killing a man outside his house through his binoculars. The husband is on run and the police interrogates the owner and the fugitive’s wife. Good mystery till the end.

Episode 25 – Balak Jasoos

Time Period: 1963

Plot of the case: The last two episodes would’ve raked up a storm on social media. This episode has frames of a child smoking a cigarette. Coming to the episode, Heena falls down from a terrace and police are about to finalise it as a case of accident. Byomkesh, after talking to a few people, comes to the conclusion that it was a murder. The kid who works in the house knows the murderer all the while, but wouldn’t reveal the identity.

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