Episode 20 – Anjaan Khooni

Time period: 1959

Plot of the case: Byomkesh is on a visit to one of his acquaintances. He comes across a retired police officer and as a part of their conversation they discuss cases. There is a case that the police officer left unravelled and asks Byomkesh if he could find the suspect. A lady is found to be carried by four people late into the night. The husband, who is the prime suspect, is found to be gambling with his friends. During interrogation, all the four friends come up with the same story. Next day, the husband is found murdered as well. Byomkesh asks a few questions and solves the crime. The episode seems dragged and hence, the final reveal seems rather rushed.

Episode 21 – Kahin Kavi Kalidas

Time Period: 1960

Plot of the case: An old man comes to a club to play bridge and immediately impresses a group of four. After a few meetings he suggests playing at his place so that they can play more than bridge. One of the four falls for the charms of the old man’s Househelp. They keep losing money. They realise they are being cheated when one of them spots the old man dropping a card. They decide to teach him a lesson by beating him black and blue. However, they find that the old man has been murdered. They take a taxi so as to divert the suspicion from themselves. During the course of investigation, Byomkesh finds out that the crime was done by a left-handed person. Thereafter the episode peters out.

Episode 22: Adrishya Trikon

Time Period: 1960

Plot of the case: No mystery, no intrigue and no unravelling result in one of the lacklustre episodes. Here we know the crime and the criminal. We know the motive as well. Hence, the episode is about getting the criminal to accept the motive. A triangular love-story that falls flat on its face.

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