This movie impressed me with its “first look” poster. I wanted to watch the movie when I saw the teaser. I couldn’t watch the movie while it was in the theatres and caught up with the moment it released on “Amazon Prime”

I ended up liking it so much that I saw it thrice in a span of 10 days. Naveen Polisetty was fabulous in the movie and it isn’t surprising that he helped in the writing department. Maybe the conviction in the writing touched upon the acting as well.

Not everything about the movie is good. The theme, the flow, the actors and the acting was good. Starting and the ending seem pretty rushed. It’s almost as if the director wants to take you to the protagonist being a detective. Till we get to the actual plot, one feels that the director has played all his cards. Once into the actual plot, director and the able protagonist shine.

In the initial few minutes, the comic writing shines through. It’s as if the movie wants to be a new generation Chantabbai. There is a hat-tip to Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock as well. The way the detective instructs his apprentice is a treat to watch. One scene where he differentiates himself from an LIC agent is rip-roaring.

Once they get to the plot, they don’t deviate from there. And we don’t feel a need for any relief. So engrossed are we that we don’t notice the absence of a romantic track, comedy thread or needless eulogising of the hero.

There is no “twist-a-minute” or a parallel track to lead us off on. There are three reveals in the movie. Revelation of who does it, revelation of why they do it and revealing who gets it done. While there are small hints the movie gives us, we fail to catch on it as it does not dwell on it.

This is a movie where every character was important to the movie, in one way or another. Heck, the location – Nellore – was also chosen with care. The native dialect was spoken by the protagonist and it seemed he did it well. This is a good thing as we can’t have protagonist being a native of Kakinada and speaking in Telangana dialect and vice-versa. Shooting in locations real-time gave the movie its charm. And so did the references to local dishes and places.

On the whole, Naveen Polisetty dominates the frame and he has able support from the other actors. It’s not a joke to pull the movie through without an established name in the cast. That, by itself, tells us how much the movie had us engrossed in the tale rather than the stars.

Verdict: It’s difficult to imagine an existing hero to pull this script off and at the same time it’s too demanding of a new actor to portray the role. Naveen does a fantabulous job

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