Episode 17: Necklace
Time Period: 1957
Plot of the case: A jeweller is stricken by arthritis and wants to deliver an order to New Delhi. He wants his son to take care of it as the value of the jewels is high. The next day they find that the package is missing. Since there are not more than three characters on whom the needle of suspicion hovers on, the case is tightly bound.

Episode 18: Amrit ki Maut
Time Period: 1958
Plot of the case: After a long time we get to see a mysterious case. A kid’s body is found with a bullet ensconced. There is an urban legend about a black horse and when another person is killed, all hell breaks loose. While the unravelling seems pedestrian, the suspense maintained till that point is thrilling. One of the better episodes in the second season till this point.

Episode 19: Pahari Rahasya
Time Period: 1958
Plot of the case : This episode takes place in Mahabaleshwar where Byomkesh Bakshi comes to a resort to investigate a murder. This episode is better than Amrit ki Maut and picks up slowly. There is deceit, sleight of hand and intelligent murderer.

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