Episode 14 A,B: Aadim Shatru

Time Period: 1955

Plot of the case: A rich publisher is found to be murdered on the night of Diwali. He adopts a son before the death and the question of property arises here. He has two vagrant nephews and a drunkard friend. Byomkesh goes about solving the case in a logical manner. There is a arms dealer involved in the story as well.

This is the beginning of the second season of the series. There is only the time period mentioned in the cases. Places are not mentioned like they were in the first series.

Episode 15: Aag aur Patanga

Time Period: 1956

Plot of the case: A bit of adultery makes it appearance in this episode. A rich man is found dead the day after throwing a lavish party. It’s found that his second wife is pregnant as well. The suspicion points towards a lot of people. Byomkesh needs to go to a place to find the antecedents of a few people.

It’s very difficult to judge the motive and the suspect in this case. The episode plays out well and the final reveal comes out as a shock for us.

Episode 16: Vansh ka Khoon

Time Period: 1956

Plot of the case: A man comes to Byomkesh with an offer to investigate his death after he is murdered. He also knows who might murder him but wants Byomkesh to reveal it. He is found to be murdered at the doorstep of his house. For a man with money and philandering ways, he might have a lot of enemies. There is a lot of digging that Byomkesh does but to no avail.

Finally, Byomkesh finds out the reason, motive and the murderer with the help of the birthdate of the murderer

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