Episode 7 : Laal Neelam
Time Period : 1936, Calcutta
Plot of the case : There is a murder at a rich man’s house. His secretary is murdered brutally. In addition to piercing his chest with a knife, his throat is also slit. 8 years ago, a robbery at the rich man’s house leads to him losing all the jewels. He is particularly interested in a red sapphire for which he announces a reward of 5000₹ as well. How these seemingly unrelated incidents are related is how the episode goes. This is probably one of the episodes with least intrigue because we know that the man spoken about at the beginning of the episode would do something and the identity of the murderer is revealed halfway.

Episode 8 : Bhoot
Time Period : 1936, Mungair
Plot of the case : A jeweller who is rich and parsimonious is found to be dead in his room on the first floor. He has left all his fortune to his niece. She is married to a reprobate. For 12 days after his death, police kept a watch on the house. It was let out after that and the tenant keeps seeing what the place considers to be a ghost. Though the jeweller was murdered the jewels, which he always kept at home, are presumed to be missing. Starting from Laal Neelam there seem to be two separate tracks in an episode.

Episode 9 : Agnibaan
Time Period : 1944, Calcutta
Plot of the case : In 1993, we didn’t have keyboard warriors as there wasn’t internet at that time. Yet, since the story was set in 1944, they acknowledge the Second World War happening at the time. This is a case where daughter of the professor next door is found to be dead in a sitting position. After a few days of investigation as Byomkesh zeroes in on the perpetrator of the crime, the son of the house is found to be dead. This mystery is intertwined nicely with how insurance leads to an increase of greed in man.

These set of three episodes are where the author consciously tries to lead the reader/viewer down the wrong track.

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