Suggested Reading : Byomkesh Bakshi TV Series Episodes 1-3

Episode 4 : Makdi ka Ras

Time Period : 1934, Calcutta

Plot of the case: Byomkesh is immersed in a case which was troubling him from long. Ajit suggests that they should go and take a walk. Byomkesh agrees and they go to a park. Ajit stumbles upon a friend, Mohan, who is a doctor. Upon knowing that Byomkesh Bakshi is with him, he narrates the problem of a household he visits as a doctor. Nandulal Babu, is in habit of taking Tarantula juice and despite all the methods tried out by them, they can’t rid him of the habit. Byomkesh solves the case easily, but the suspense is intriguing for a while.

Early in the episode, it seems as if they are trying to veer Byomkesh in the Sherlock way but that concern is quashed pretty easily.

Episode 5 : Wasiyat

Time Period : 1935, Calcutta

Plot of the case : A rich man has a fortune and no direct heirs for the fortune. He has four nephews and one niece. All of them stay with him. He is temperamental in nature and keeps changing the will for his property on the prevailing mood. He is murdered with the help of a needle and piercing it in a sensitive area at the back of the neck. The suspicion falls on everybody.

Byomkesh is assigned this case by the commissioner and the police officer in charge is impatient. This is one of those cases where the identity of the murderer isn’t revealed till the end. Also, this is the episode where he meets his future wife, Satyavati.

Episode 6 : Reth ka Daldal 

Time Period : 1936, North Bengal

Plot of the case : Byomkesh, on a vacation, meets a Zamindar. There are some mysterious incidents taking place under his (irresponsible) watch. A man who has been entrusted with the responsibility of teaching his daughter runs away with 6000 rupees and 4 years account books and is presumed dead. The Zamindar, Himangshu, requests Byomkesh to solve the case. While it doesn’t seem straightforward it becomes evident after a certain incident as to who the culprit is.


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