I have always been fascinated with the line coined by Aristotle, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ While it seems pretty simple, it is tough to see it being executed. When we put it to work where teams are involved, this is nigh impossible. 

In a team structure, one needs to repose a lot of faith in the person drawing up the plans and adhere to what seems a cliche – Together, everyone achieves more. Well, if you didn’t notice it, that’s an acronym for Team. 

Sesh Adivi’s team seems to believe in him. Believe that he can give his best, believe that they can give their best for him and believe that their best is being used for something better. When we see the movies, we conclude that somewhere the director and the writer’s vision for the movie was the same. In an industry, where first-acts are not rare, going one up on the first-act is a rarity. Sesh Adivi has just done that. 

While Kshanam is not exactly a first-act for him, it is , a first-act, for the vision and the kind of movies being made with him at the helm. 

After a few days of the teaser launch, there were rumours floating around that the movie was a copy of Aiyyary. Well, if not entirely, I did buy into the speculation. That’s because we are not used to movies revolving around espionage in Telugu. The cynical movie-goer would scoff at such movies because that’s not how movies are made here and if such movies are made, it has to have some star value attached to it so that it can get noticed. 

One of the reasons why the movie got noticed is because of the way Kshanam was made. It wasn’t pathbreaking, but it wasn’t routine. So, there were things expected out of the follow-up movie of Sesh Adivi and he doesn’t disappoint. 

For an industry that has an insatiable appetite for ‘twists’ this movie just doesn’t whet the appetite but it serves as an aphrodisiac. As we all know from the teaser, this is a movie about a guy wanting to emulate his father. While that’s the central theme of the plot, there are many sub-plots woven around the central theme. 

The movie is a planning success, right down to the naming of the agency that the hero’s father worked in and one the hero gets into – Trinetra (meaning the third eye). Till the hero gets into the intelligence agency, the proceedings seem tepid, but picks pace rapidly after that. 

Abburi Ravi’s dialogues help the movie a lot. The word play around ‘Balam’ and ‘Balahinatha’ is superb. It nearly gives out the plot but you don’t realise it at that point. It is reiterated when we revisit that scene towards the end. The interaction between Sobhita Dhulipala and Sesh Adivi where the former suggests that many people think that attaining the goal is the end of it, but excelling at it has to be the major motive. While it does seem cliche as I write it, there could be perhaps no better dialogue for that scene. Double-meaning dialogues, at two instances, slip in as well, but that doesn’t mar the proceedings.

The plot is a sure winner when it makes you speculate about the identity of the culprit, makes you think you are right and makes a fool out of you right at the end. It means the movie kept you involved. 

Vennela Kishore, Sobhita Dhulipala, Supriya Yarlagadda, Prakash Raj play their parts well. 

Another hero of the movie is the music director, Sricharan Pakala. He adds to the gripping proceedings with the background music. Both the songs in the movie are good. Both of them are ear worms. 

Because the movie was shot before April, am sure that the makers would’ve missed the change of name of Chittagong. It’s called Chattogram now. There you go, I can dig for faults you see! 

Verdict: A movie with ‘See me’ written all over it 


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