Okka Kshanam

Closing out 2017’s movie viewing with Okka Kshanam was a family outing as one of my wife’s cousins featured in a blink-and-you-will-miss-it appearance in three frames of the movie. Packaged as a thriller, it managed to whip up some frenzy before its release mainly because of the previous release of the director, VI Anand – Ekkadiki Potthavvu Chinnavada.

Looking at Tiger and Ekkadiki Potthavvu Chinnavada, now reaffirmed with Okka Kshanam, one can safely assume that he likes suspense thriller movies. While Tiger crammed a lot in one movie, I didn’t quite like Ekkadiki Potthavvu Chinnavada because of the way it was handled. Once the suspense element is revealed, the movies fumble on their way to the end because the denouement is poorly written.

When it comes to suspense thrillers, writing has generally been of poor standards across various languages in India. One movie that readily comes to mind is Talaash. The movie builds up the suspense element brilliantly to give it all up in the end by chickening out with an expected ending. If not for the ending, the movie would’ve set the tone for suspense thrillers in the country.

VI Anand picks up novel storylines, but fails in sustaining it in anticipation of a grand finale. The honour killings was meant only as a suspense element in Tiger, but after the suspense element was revealed, the movie went the way of a revenge drama. Okka Kshanam too suffers from similar failings.


The movie begins looking like a rom-com rather than a suspense thriller. While it takes some time to establish the romance, it is valid because the director wants us to remember the little details of their romance as its similar in every little aspect to that of another couple. This concept he calls as ‘parallel life.’ The way it’s explained in the movie is good and makes you sit up in anticipation.

The movie seems to develop wings of its own whenever Srinivas Avasarala is on the screen, but then thuds to the ground when it comes back to the present.

Once the suspense element is revealed and the antagonist comes into the picture, the movie loses steam because it lets go of ‘Parallel life’ in favour of ‘fighting the fight’


I can’t say that Allu Sirish was better than his previous movies because I haven’t  watched them. Looking at him, one feels that there is a lot of scope for improvement in acting and dances. One thing he seems to be good at is uttering entendre. He also seems to revel in making references to his lineage and imitating his brother’s dialogues. Hell, he doesn’t even leave the single dialogue uttered in Agnyathavaasi’s teaser.

The less spoken about Surbhi the better. In fact, the director seemed to have realised the folly of his casting mid-way into the movie and set about correcting it by giving her as less presence as possible.

Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat Kapoor are the heart, soul and life of the movie. It’s around them that movie revolves and they give it their best shot. Unfortunately, they are let down by the poor screenplay.


Verdict: Okka Kshanam is not worth Okka Kshanam of your time

Image courtesy: idlebrain.com

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