There was a time when author-backed roles were few and far between. We have come far from those days. Every actor/actress (rather, hero/heroine) these days aspires to star in one film where they have the author-backed role.

The thing with such roles which makes people crave for the them is the fact that the entire story revolves around them. When we scratch the surface, the author-backed role always needs a role that runs parallel to theirs, but isn’t given the same level of importance; like Konkana Sen in Wake Up, Sid, like Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met. Closer home; Raghuvaran in Suswagatham, Nagesh in Tholi Prema. This generally happens because the actors in the parallel help prop the film up when the actors in the author-backed role fall into a tedium.

Raarondoi Veduka Choodam doesn’t waste much time in establishing who has the author-backed role. It’s clear from the time titles roll.  After a little while into the movie, the grandmother drills the granddaughter about the sort of a groom she has to marry. She does, but after applying a patch to those Quixotic claims.

The obsession that Telugu Film Industry has for directors with hits running in their recent past filmography is legendary. So, it wasn’t a surprise that Nagarjuna chose Kalyan Krishna, who directed his previous blockbuster. Added to this was the fact that it was a home production venture. Probably all these added up to Nagarjuna proclaiming that the movie would be a blockbuster (one of the two blockbusters he had promised to his fans; one for each of his sons).

Rakul Preet, in the author-backed role was an extension of her Venkatadri Express self: referring to herself and her emotions in third person. Yes, she has hits, but she hasn’t quite reached a level where her acting capabilities are extraordinary. Her preparation/ her willingness to submit to director’s imagination does show as she cracks the look part of her character. Her expressions at times, seemed off-touch or a tad too late. The good thing about her portrayal is that she isn’t too far off the mark. Probably the next time she bags an author-backed role, she might want to do it in a comfort zone.

Naga Chaitanya does something that he hasn’t attempted before: a gregarious role. From what we have seen of him from his previous movies, he seems to perform well when he has to strip himself of his ego. He does the same in a scene in 100% love and does the same in a sequence here. He excels in the scene and has also carefully built his screen presence. He needs to continue doing the same: keep experimenting with different roles.

One thing the director, Kalyan Krishna, does well is to get the casting right. One thing he doesn’t: overcrowding the movie. There are so many characters in a blink-and-you-will-miss roles.

Jagapathi Babu, Sampath and a host of other actors are all good in the roles given to them.

Verdict: There’s not much you are going to miss by missing this  movie

Image Courtesy: 123telugu.com

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