Srinu Vaitla had made a habit of making template based movies. Romance between the protagonists, one of their families being stern, an orchestrated drama taking place in that house and a song before the denouement. Hanu Raghavapudi skirts very close to that template, but has nothing to do with that sort of a template.

Srikanth Addala has this amazing ability to make his characters behave the way we see in everyday people. You can see those kind of characters abound in Seethama Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Rao Ramesh and Tanikella Bharani, in that movie, take the acting to another level by the way they behave in the movie. Hanu, aided by a superb actor in Nani, does the same in Krishnagaadi Veera prema gaadha. He makes Nani behave, not act.


Nani, in an interview, had said that the movie has quite a lot to do with children and he was right. His chemistry with them in a few scenes is better than what he has with the heroine of the movie. It’s because he has more runtime with the children than the heroine. He could’ve added that if this movie turns out to be a hit, long titles would become the norm in the film industry.

While talking at the audio release function, he said, “Hanu would shock those people who attach him with Andala Rakshasi. This is a completely different movie from that.” There was a way he spoke to Mahesh Babu on the dias and that showed us a man free of pretence and false airs. Maybe, that’s the reason one gets drawn to him in the first place.

Coming back to the movie, there are more than a few scenes that he excels in. Some of them are his scenes with the children and Satyam Rajesh. What takes the cake are his ‘phone conversation’ scenes with the heroine.

Mehrene Kaur is a good discovery, but she has very little to do in the second half and credit is due to the director because he plans the absence well. The dubbing for her was also top notch. She is loud without being loud, she is bubbly without being jumpy and she has eyes that can express the emotions well.

Hanu Raghavapudi deserves credit for having so many threads in the movie and never for a moment does he confuse himself or the audience with the screenplay. He has taken brilliant performances from each and every actor in the movie. ’30 years Prudhvi’ would be a happy person because he didn’t have to imitate anyone or parody famous scenes from a hit movie. He generates comedy from the situation rather than the character. After a slew of the characters where he makes fun of other actors or movies, he displays his acting chops brilliantly in all his scenes with Murali Sharma and Prabhas Sreenu.

Hanu Raghavapudi also shows us what a brilliant actor we missed having in Brahmaji. His entire sequence with Sampath and the build up to it is best to be enjoyed in the theatre. He will have you in splits with his acting. Credit to the director that he builds up a scene in one manner and turns it on its head.


In the days of hyping up a movie, Nani and the team should be credited for being honest with the movie and the audience. He has made it clear in his past interviews that he wants to be remembered as an actor rather than a star. Probably he did contend that he could be both. Well, if not already, he is close.

One of the biggest advantages of acting in a Nani movie for a co-star is the fact that you get your own moments of shining under the spotlight. In this movie itself, at various points, the kids, Mehrene, Satyam Rajesh, Sampath, Murali Sharma, Brahmaji and various other actors get their due. It, by itself, is an indicator of how secure Nani is in his space


Verdict : Nani pronounced the verdict himself. Expect something different to what you have been seeing in the recent past .

Image courtesy – idlebrain.com

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