NS.jpgAround 13 years ago, a writer made his debut as a director with a movie called ‘Nuvve Nuvve’. That movie was different from a lot of movies of that time. It demanded that you hear. Hear to what’s spoken between the characters in the movie.

If you saw the movie, chances are high that you would’ve seen it again. The reason being the dialogues take a little time to be understood. By the time you understood the dialogues, unravelled the relationships between the characters and realise how simple the movie is/ was, you would’ve seen the movie multiple times.

It is difficult to not assume that the director of ‘Nenu Sailaja’ was inspired by Nuvve Nuvve. He isn’t scared to throw a few hints that he indeed was. The place ‘Annavaram’ is just one of them.


In both the movies, the relationship between the father and the daughter forms the crux of the story. In ‘Nuvve Nuvve’ the lover slowly realises the love between them and in ‘Nenu Sailaja’ the lover makes them realise the love that exists between them.

When people related to a movie get talking about it there appears to be a general lack of sincerity. After all, we have been ears to talks like ‘If the previous movie in our combination was 10%, this movie is going to be 100%.’, ‘This movie is going to be like a festival feast for everyone. They will take back something or the other from this movie.’ No wonder these proclamations didn’t match up to the end product and the movies ended up biting the dust.

After such scarring experiences when the hero of the movie, Ram, says that the movie has an everyday feel to it, you take it with a pinch of salt. Once you see the movie, you would probably agree with him.


Though Ram has had three blockbusters, he is yet to have a pathbreaking performance. Devdas ran on oomph and music. Ready ran because of Brahmanandam and Kandireega was more of a Sonu Sood hit than anyone else. Though not pathbreaking, Ram has come close. One can call it career altering. Once he makes his entry in the film, he is pretty much there in every frame of the movie.

Keerthi Suresh, the debutant, performs with elan and shows us what a gifted performer she is. She has two sequences in either half where she bares her heart -one with joy and another with sorrow- and she lights up the screen with her performances in those scenes. Once in a while it feels good to see a director showing the heroine as a performer too and not just having her to show cleavage, midriff etc. There are no snide remarks about her appearance too. It has been a long time that a heroine isn’t made fun of or made to expose a lot in the movie. With the acting talent at her disposal, one just hopes that she isn’t lost to the Telugu Film Industry.


Kishore Tirumala, the director of the movie was praised unequivocally by Ram. He said the director made most complex sequences simple. He was speaking the truth. He makes everyone understand what he is trying to convey. Without putting down marriage, he conveys the difference between arranged marriage and love marriage in the opening sequence very easily.

His ability as a writer shines through in the movie, especially when Keerthi Suresh in in the frame. As complex as her character is, the director unravels it with beautifully written sequences. One wonders how the movie would’ve been received if they went ahead with the working title of ‘Hari Katha’. Probably they would’ve had a lot of explaining to do. That said, the naming of the movie is a masterstroke. If it was his decision, people have to doff their hats to him.

The locations that he chose for the movie are simple and reveals the taste of the director. He shot it in simple locations like Vizag, Goa and Araku. Though these locations are often seen in many movies, the cinematographer makes us see them in a new light.


The movie has three people who have acted as heroes – Ram, Prince and Chaitanya Krishna. The screen time that they get is directly proportional to their fluctuating fortunes. It looks like Ram will get himself out of the rut that he had gotten into with this movie. It becomes doubly important to follow this movie up with a good character.

The banner of his uncle has helped him through tough times. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that ‘Nuvve Nuvve’ was produced by the same banner too.


Verdict – A good movie that has equal doses of entertainment and sentiment. Ram and Keerthi Suresh deliver in their respective roles. As much a director’s movie as it is of the actors’

Image courtesy – idlebrain.com

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