Khaleja, a movie released 5 years ago had a scene where Shafi portrays a character with utmost devotion to Mahesh Babu. When Shafi takes a bullet before the climax, he smiles before he dies. He utters the following words before he dies, ‘Neredu pandu lanti Kallu. Choosanu Saamy, chaalu saamy.’

After almost 5 years, Akhil, who plays an eponymous character in Akhil, has a similar scene in the movie. The scene neither had the brilliant acting nor the gravitas seen in Khaleja. The entire movie gives you that feeling. It has the requisite ingredients, but doesn’t quite make the cut.


Vinayak’s last two movies, by design or by co-incidence, were movies where he was launching debutants. Bellamkonda Srinivas and Akhil were the heroes he launched. Akhil wouldn’t want to and won’t tread the path that Srinivas travelled on. His father will ensure it.

Debut films are tough to handle. You have to weave a script and screenplay around the fact the hero debuting can do everything under the sun. In those attempts we see Akhil fighting, dancing, trying his hand at comedy and going intense when required. While Akhil ticks the most boxes, he would certainly improve in the areas as time goes by and he gains experience.

It is shocking that Vinayak chose to direct this film as it would be second time that he would have to don the kid gloves and the end result is a movie that lacks sense, direction and depth. If the brief to him was to project Akhil and forget the rest, then he has done it well.

It almost seems from the movie that he didn’t pay enough attention to it as much was required. Even in a movie like ‘Heart Attack’, ironically a movie in which the producer Nithiin acted, they had the continuity of locations and were not wrong technically. The movie shows South African flag on top of the van when it’s clearly mentioned that they were based in Congo. These are mistakes that shouldn’t have been made.

It was said that the movie was postponed because of poor CG work in the climax. Going by what we see, we have to think that the makers didn’t bother to see other parts of the movie. It beats me why they chose to use CG work when they shot in exotic locales. The CG work was very poor in these sequences and also the introduction fight sequence.

It is actually a little disappointing to see this movie from a director who made movies like Aadhi and Tagore in the past. Though nothing he does can undo the fact that he was brilliant with those movies, it would suffice to say that the future won’t be promising if he continues in the same way

During the audio function of the movie, Vinayak said he wanted to make a movie with Mahesh Babu. Going by his choices from the past, he would be mortified to see this movie and the chances of the combination seem rare in the near future.


Debut of children of superstars place undue pressure on the children. They are expected to be everything that their superstar fathers are and more. One thing that Akhil shines is in dances. It would be an exaggeration to count him among the best, but for a person in his first movie, he is brilliant with dances.

Every actor making his debut would want to shine in all departments. They choose movies that might allow them to shine but they are insipid. Few very people have bucked that trend. The names that come to my mind are Rana and Varun Tej. Akhil doesn’t belong to that category.

What Akhil has is presence and he seems to use it well. There are a few things that would need a lot of working on. It is easy to see why a superstar like Mahesh Babu took special interest in him


The less said about Sayesha Saigal the better. She has nothing to do and you take pity on her because the character she plays is underdeveloped and should never be played by anyone. Though there are other characters they don’t have enough screen time to be spoken about.

In the future when Vennela Kishore does become a comedian of note, he might count this movie as one of those movies where the baton was passed from Brahmanandam.


Verdict : A director’s failure. It’s difficult to see how he made the producers splurge on this movie and above all how could he convince Nagarjuna with this script?

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