In 1991, there was a release called ‘Nirnayam’. It was a remake of a Malayalam movie, which itself was remade from Hollywood. It was a brilliant movie and the last thirty minutes sapped the movie of its brilliance. ‘Tiger’ also belongs to the same category, but without the brilliance. Relevant, yes, but the climax seems equally contrived in both the movies.

Coming back to Tiger, you have sense of déjà vu right from the title cards are played out. From the imitation of Chiranjeevi by the young Sundeep Kishen to the way the friendship between the two orphans plays out – everything makes you feel suffocated as you have seen them before.


Nirnayam was helped by crackling chemistry between Nagarjuna and ‘Subhalekha’ Sudhakar. In Tiger, one can’t aver to that between any of the characters. Probably the best scene of the movie was the one where Tanikella Bharani reminds Sundeep Kishen of his birthday.

Where Tiger loses out is the fact that it takes an eternity to establish the story in the movie. Note how late Sundeep’s entrance in the movie is. It’s nice to see him have a normal entry in what is bracketed as a mass film. Probably the best moment for him comes before title song where he finds himself on the top of Havelock bridge in Rajahmundry and the camera comes zooming in.

The movie with a short runtime is supposed to be crisp, but Tiger seems a prolonged version. It’s because of the predictability factor. The continuity factor seems to be missing in  the movie. Couple of instances come to mind when I say that:

1 – In the Tabla restaurant scene, the drink that Sundeep Kishen is having is shown very prominently. The quantity changes the two  times it’s shown in the movie.

2 – In Varanasi as he meets the man who saved his friend, he effortlessly talks to him, but struggles to talk to him when he calls him on the phone to inform that his friend needs him.

Probably a lot of the movie was chopped on the editing table. Only that explains why Saptagiri had only once scene and Pradeep wasn’t even utilized even with the Godavari accent, the dominant slang we hear in the movie. The dialect we are subjected to by Sundeep Kishen is certainly not Godavari, though he tries.

Did Siddharth dub for Rahul Raveendran or was he trying to ape Siddharth or, worse still, was he asked to do so by the director?

As irritating as Murali Mohan’s presence was in Nirnayam, Seerat Kapoor’s presence in the movie gives us the same feeling.


Director of the movie, assistant to Murugadoss, seems to have gone wrong on a lot of counts in the movie. It’s only redeeming factor is Sundeep Kishen. It tells you a lot about others when a person puts in an average performance and it’s the best.

Even in a movie as short as two hours, the director makes you want to reach out for your cellphones.

Verdict :- No need to waste money on the ticket. Watch it if comes on any of the channels or you are not missing anything if it doesn’t

Image Courtesy: idlebrain.com

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