When Nuvve Nuvve released in October 2002, I remember watching it with my father in Vizag. I liked the movie. It was one of the first movies that made me listen. Yes, I liked the movie. So, it was a little disappointing that Trivikram said he could deliver about 80% of what he thought. It was disappointing because I thought it was a very good film and couldn’t have been better.

Athadu was a movie that I saw multiple times. Initially I thought it was because I had control over my money rather than depending on finances from my parents. It was, probably, the first movie I saw as an employed individual. I just loved the sambar scene with MS Narayana. Trivikram was warming us up for what was to follow later in his career with that scene. I also liked the entire thread where he makes Mahesh Babu explain the difference between a lie and deception. Probably we are all tired of reruns of the movie with the Gemini TV logo that the change in satellite rights to MAA TV made us watch that movie all over again.

Jalsa was a movie that I hated the first time I saw it. I saw it again; felt the need to see it again and I watch it with a lot of laughter to this day. The entire thread involving Illeana renting out a portion where Pawan Kalyan stays is brilliant and it’s taken to an entirely different level with  Brahmanandam’s entrance. The movie has some brilliant moments which tickle your funny bone no matter what the number of viewing it may be.

Khaleja (or) Mahesh Khaleja, as it was called , was the first movie that drew me towards being a fan on Trivikram. The entire movie was one thing and an interview he gave to Gemini TV was quite another. In that hour, Trivikram had me glued. Glued to his words, glued to his gestures and glued to how he tried to answer each question by the interviewer with an honesty rarely seen before. It was a movie that divided opinions. I still have long drawn arguments with one of my best friends whenever we discuss the movie. This movie must be in contention for the most viewed movie by me. There was a time when I used to watch this movie at least once in a week. I still do – once in a fortnight now.

Julayi opened me up to the way Social media can influence the thinking. It was the first time I saw people talking bad about Trivikram. After seeing his movies and liking them, I felt that a lot of the criticism was unjustified. I liked the movie and way it proceeded. A lot of the scenes, it was said, were copied from Hollywood movies. Well it didn’t deter me and my liking for Trivikram grew into an addiction. I need a Trivikram fix every single week of my life now.

Attarintiki Daredhi is a movie that minted money. Money for the producer and distributors. Fame for the actors and the director. I liked this movie too, but it remains the least watched of all Trivikram movies by me. It was a credit to the people involved with the movie that the movie went on to become a big hit though the prints of the movie got leaked much before its release.


The reason I listed out all movies of Trivikram is solely to clarify that I am his fan and can watch anything made by him. To borrow from R.Madhavan, talking about Maniratnam, he can make the hero romance an electric pole or a piece of wood and make it look convincing. There are a lot of things to like in the movie for me.

In the function to celebrate the success of the audio, Trivikram said that it would be ode to the fathers of the world – the least romanticised of the characters in the movies. That statement by him made me want to watch the movie even more. I would say that he didn’t disappoint me.

In the morning, when I wanted to check for the talk about the movie and reviews, I was a little shocked by the tweets I saw. There were a lot of tweets that put the movie down badly. I read tweet after tweet and was angry at the criticism directed towards the people associated with the movie. The questions in my head were: Who sets the expectations? Does a movie need box-office collections to validate its credentials as a good movie?

To sit down in the theatre then and to watch the movie was a relief. I saw the first half and felt that it was a very good movie. No, I didn’t abuse the tweeters and the reviewers in my mind. I am always a sucker for family oriented movies, especially when they delve in the relationship of the protagonist with one of the family members.

Yes, the movie was heavy on values and its emphasis on people following them. I don’t find anything wrong in it. If you can be a little better than what you actually were, would you mind? It perhaps is a bit unsettling for a few of us so totally used to our diet of masala movies.

It has three designated heroines and there are three songs with two of the three heroines being a part of it. How long has it been that you saw two heroines in a song and not a word on the reproductive organs of the hero in the form of gross lyrics? How long has it been that you saw an ‘item song’ without an item girl in the song?

Rajendra Prasad represents the pragmatists among us and it is probably tougher to convince the real life Rajendra Prasads than the reel life Rajendra Prasad. That said, it was a brilliant performance by him in the movie. It’s good to see him get full length roles in Trivikram’s movies.

Upendra is a brilliant actor and it must’ve been nothing less than a coup to get him to act in this movie – his role only begins in the second half. There is a tendency for his characters to be loud, but it is anything but that in this movie. In my opinion, it didn’t need an actor of the caliber of Upendra, but his presence lends credence to the part. Sneha looks good in the role given to her. Same is the case with Brahmanandam, Ali, Kota, Sindhu Tolani, Vennela Kishore and Prakash Raj

Samantha and Nitya Menen are very good in the parts they were given. It’s very hard to see Nitya Menen in a role that’s not performed well. I haven’t seen her in one. It’s good to welcome back the Samantha we liked. She performs well in the movie. Adah Sharma doesn’t have a role in the movie. Period. That probably is the only fact that Trivikram would’ve explaining to do for.

Allu Arjun has a tougher role in this movie than his previous outing with Trivikram- Julayi. In Julayi, the dialogues were short and crisp. In this movie, the dialogues are lengthy and thought provoking. There are some scenes in which he shines only because of the dialogues; the one where he refuses to file an Insolvency petition, the scene where he differentiates between give and take and win and loss citing examples is brilliant. The scene where he talks about his father to Samantha is good too. Yes, he performed well within his limits but it could’ve been much better had he been more expressive. One must watch out for the way he says ‘Chala Bagundhi’ in the movie.


Trivikram, for me, has a good movie on his hands. Years from now, he can look back on the movie fondly. A general look at the tweets if you search for ‘Son of Satyamurthy’ will reveal a lot of unjustified criticism. Yes, the critics have panned the movie. But they have panned a lot of movies in the past too. To judge the movie by its box office potential would be criminal, but that’s the way it goes.

The writer in him dominates the director, but that doesn’t, in any way, obstruct the flow of the movie. For me, the first half was as good as the second half. While he establishes the characters in the first half, he makes them go through a gamut of emotions in the second half.   The good thing about the movie is the fact that it never  makes you feel sympathetic towards the plight of the hero. That’s because you know he has done the right thing, but there is a sigh of relief every time the hero redeems himself.

Verdict: It felt good to watch a Trivikram film and I will watch it repeatedly regardless of the box office fate of the movie

Image Courtesy: idlebrain.com

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