When a director-writer combine goes their separate ways, it’s impossible to gauge the immediate impact. When Trivikram Srinivas and K Vijayabhaskar split, it was seen that the director was the one to suffer in terms of immediate box office impact. For reasons unknown, Srinu Vaitla and Kona Venkat (Gopi Mohan included) aren’t together anymore. There is a visible impact- the role of Brahmanandam isn’t properly etched.

The last time that Srinu Vaitla can claim to have done something different was way back in 2001 – Anandam. It was a movie well received because of its story and songs. The portents of the template based movies were probably laid with Sontham. Yes, the template worked commercially and guaranteed dividends to the producers.

Brahmanandam is the most critical component of his movies. Right from Venky, there are a few scenes, at least, in the movie where the hero plays a second fiddle to him. Now it doesn’t matter whether it’s Ravi Teja, Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu, Ram or Venkatesh, they have all played second fiddle to him in Vaitla’s movies. Chiranjeevi didn’t in Andarivaadu and we know the box office fate of the movie.

Now it’s clear that those hilarious episodes were courtesy Kona Venkat. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that the episodes involving Brahmanandam raised the movie to an altogether different level. Youtube provides you access to a lot of videos where only scenes involving Brahmanandam are cut and pasted in a single video.

Ask anyone who has seen Venky, Dhee, Dubai Seenu, Ready, King, Namo Venkatesha, Dookudu and Badshah, as to what they remember from these movies and majority of replies would involve sequences with Brahmanandam.

In Aagadu, he arrives to a deafening response, but the laughs refused to come after a certain point. This, according to me, is the biggest drawback of the movie. Probably a few of us might say that Srinu was deviating from the template in the movie. No, he wasn’t.

It would be doing grave injustice if we didn’t say that the writing killed the movie and execution more so. Put in a blunt manner, Srinu Vaitla needs to gather his act and soon.


Mahesh Babu is coming off a disaster and that shows. The immediate response in the face of a flop is to go back to the comfort zone. For him, it probably was with Srinu Vaitla. Though people who saw the movie would say that the first half had its share of comedy, I would say that the repetitiveness of the comedy track killed the comedy. The hyperbole of Srinu Vaitla didn’t help him. He said at the audio function that if Dookudu was 10%, then Aagadu would be 100%. There can be nothing farther from truth then that. The plight of Mahesh fans was akin to the fans in Neninthe movie. They lie in wait for a brilliant display in every scene and are deflated at every point. Though he attempts to dance in the movie, they pale in comparison to the moves by Tammana.

Tammana proves that she is one of the best female dancers in the country. In all the duets, it’s her dancing that you would want to watch again.

Rest of the actors just make up the numbers.

Perhaps the most telling comment on the movie was this


Verdict: I didn’t like the movie, but I don’t dictate box office collections



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  1. Thanks for an open & frank review raghav. I only have one comment. What additional support can Kona give when the format itself is at stake


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