When the song ‘Raakasi Raakasi’ was released I couldn’t help but wonder as to why box office success is eluding NTR for a long time. He can act well, dance well, emote well and probably is the best modulator of voice in Telugu Film Industry now. Now we can add singing to the repertoire as well.

NTR, in a short span of thirteen years, can claim to have been through a lot that very few actors can claim to have. Ever since he appeared on the marquee as a child artiste in Bala Ramayanam, he was earmarked for stardom. It was not a question of if, but when! His debut film was an unmitigated disaster. His second film, helmed by SS Rajamouli, was a fair indicator of his capabilities than his first.

Though he rose to stardom with Aadi, there was a frequent criticism, not untrue, that he tried to use lineage to the maximum possible effect. A lot of people were of the opinion that he grew in the industry with sheer willpower. From being a mascot of a specific caste to being dropped like a hot potato by the same people- NTR has seen it all. Probably, this being out of favour with some influential people has affected his standing in the industry as well.

The last blockbuster we had from NTR was Adurs- whatever the makers of Badshah do to convince you, don’t believe that it’s a blockbuster. He campaigned for TDP while the shooting of Adurs was on. At that time, going by the way he spoke at the road shows, he was considered a Chief Minister candidate in the future- once again in the footsteps of his much revered grandfather. Though TDP are in power, his name is not heard in the circles that matter.

The experiences- good or bad- leave you a changed man. NTR, much like all of us, was also a changed man. Gone was the man, who was on the threshold of Superstardom. Instead we have an actor who is struggling to add a blockbuster to his filmography. He has himself to blame for trusting the directors rather than the script.

His choices after Yamadonga make you feel that he wants to knock on the doors of Superstardom again. Nothing else can explain him acting in two Meher Ramesh movies in three years. If Kantri had shades of Mahesh Babu from Pokiri in it, Homo Sapiens are still trying to figure out the mess that Shakti was. Apart from Brindavanam and the aforementioned movies, there hasn’t been a movie of NTR (after Yamadonga) which has been helmed by a director without a super hit or a blockbuster as his previous movie.

Probably not craving for the blockbuster might set the actor and performer in him free. He needs to be particularly careful while choosing his movies in future.

Santosh Srinivas was a cinematographer before he earned his chance as a director for Kandireega. Kandireega was watchable only because of Sonu Sood. He took a lot of time to make Rabhasa. Yes, he fell sick during the making but all he could come up with a brilliant performer at hand was a mixture of Ready, Mirchi and Don Seenu.

There were a lot of stories doing the rounds of the disagreements between NTR and Santosh, but they were all squashed by the parties concerned. If at all the stories were true, then they must have been because of the poor execution by Santosh.

Bluntly said, it’s difficult to see him get a chance to direct the big stars in the near future

Samantha has completed her transition from a beautiful lady to a glamour doll. While it’s good to see her trying for versatility, you would still love to see her enact the sort of roles she did in the initial part of her career and the one she did in Manam. Every attempt to get closer to the masses (so-called!) with her skin show has resulted in her falling flat on her face. A quick question to herself can untangle her from the dilemma that she finds herself in- will people remember Samantha from Ye Maaya Chesaave or Alludu Seenu ?


It is baffling to see Praneetha laying waste to a golden chance provided by the blockbuster that Attarintiki Daredhi was. Only she can explain why she agreed to the two bit role in the movie. She will soon find herself relegated to inconsequential roles if she doesn’t choose carefully.


There are a lot of characters in the movie and not all of them have been utilized well.


Verdict : The movie might be aired on channels in a few months now, which would be a good time to see it


Image Courtesy: idlebrain.com



  1. i heard its Brindavanam plus Ready..btw i think you should include the plot in the review!
    I don’t have a clue what the movie is about reading the review as I haven’t watched it yet!


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