If you have seen Sye, Chatrapati and Vikramarkudu, it’s fair enough to say that you would have noticed Chandrasekhar in those movies. In these days, when the heroes boast that they are recognized and called by their screen avatars, it is indeed a matter of pride for Chandrasekhar that he is known by the roles he has portrayed. Now if I tell you that the lawyer in Sye, sidekick who loses his life saving the children in Chatrapati and as a man owning a shop near the railway station in Vikramarkudu, I am sure that anybody who has seen these movies will recognize Chandrasekhar.

In Run Raja Run, Chandrasekhar has a role that, at best, can be described as a two scene role. He excels. The way he utters ‘Happy Birthday, Sir’ will remain with you long after you have left the theater. A similar kind of impact was had by Shafi in the movie ‘Khaleja’. As he is dying, there is a twinkle in his eye for having seen the eyes (Neredi pandu lanti kallu) of the man whom he considers a god.

I still remember Mahesh Babu talking about Chaitanya (I may be wrong with the name) during the promotions of Khaleja. He played the part of a man whose child is dying and Mahesh Babu ends up saving her. There is a scene where the man holds the hand of Mahesh Babu and cries. Mahesh Babu lucidly narrates the time before the scene

He had to hold my hand and cry. Since it was an emotional sequence, I asked him to apply glycerin. He smiled and said, “I would do it naturally, sir, there is no need of glycerin”. I smirked within at his over confidence and thought there would be retake and he will have to come around to applying the glycerin. To my surprise, he finished the scene in one take and cried effortlessly, just like he said he would.

It’s when the talent that goes waste because of the lack of recognition that will make you twitch internally. When Chandrasekhar says that he is confident that Kallama Thalli will take care of him, you hope that it comes true


It is surprising that a man with financial backing, opted to go against the grain and grind it out by enacting supporting roles. Sharwanand first caught the eye when he played the role of a jilted lover in the Telugu remake of Munnabhai MBBS***– Shankardada MBBS. He was noticed for his acting chops, for the first time, in Vennela. After that he was noticed and praised in Amma Cheppindhi, Gamyam, Prasthanam and Andari Bandhuvayya. He had a hit in Tamil – Engeyyum Eppodhum- and the dubbed version in Telugu- Journey- was a moderate success too. He did act in supporting roles in a few more movies like Sankranthi and Lakshmi.

Though he has been a part of few critically acclaimed movies, success proved elusive for him in the Telugu Film Industry. As the time wore on, the pressure to deliver a hit grew on him. The role in Run Raja Run must not have been an easy job for him acting wise. After acting in a slew of movies where intense portrayal was the norm, he did act in a comic role in Nuvva Nenna, but that movie also had Allari Naresh to shoulder the burden. It was his first time in a hyper active role and he succeeds. It is indeed a feather in his cap that he plays the lovable rogue to perfection in the movie and manages to elicit laughs in the theater.


When you sit back and watch Run Raja Run, it flows like a breeze for some time, makes you predict easily what would happen next, get exasperated at some anatomical references and entendre. Yes, it does drag a bit in the second half. After watching the movie, you will realize that the director couldn’t have done a better job. It’s a con movie without the con. It’s a revenge drama without the plotting of revenge (When I say without con and plotting of revenge, I mean in terms of screen time). It’s a romantic movie though the protagonists have their own reasons for enacting the romance.

You can’t deny that the movie looks fresh and with the House Music playing a strong influence on the songs, it also comes across as a new thing. More than anything else there seems to be a collective goodwill that Sharwanand finally has a hit. So does Adivi Sesh, Sampath Raj and all the others in the movie.

I hope that actors like Chandrasekhar are not lost to pointless roles and get what is their worth. Till then, congratulations to Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor, Adivi Sesh and the entire team down to the last man who worked for the movie. A lot of them deserve success.

Pic Courtesy: Idlebrain.com

*** The post was changed on 15th August  as it was incorrectly stated that Sharwanand reprised the role of Jimmy Shergil. He din’t. 

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