There are times when the cinematography makes you want to love the movie but you can’t. Case in point, 180.  There are times when you love the trailer more than the movie itself – Tees Maar Khan. And there are times when the happenings on screen are irrelevant to you till Brahmanandam appears on screen – Ready.

You can categorise Race Gurram in the final category, but with the rider that he has a minuscule role. He delivers in his role, making you forget the irrelevant storyline. This is one of the movies that makes you wonder why the director waited for so long to get the character played by Brahmanandam into action. If not for him, I don’t see a reason why the ticket paying public should spend money on this flick.


One of the advantages of a wide release is the fact that you can make your money before the talk for a movie comes out. Race Gurram will be a huge beneficiary of such a kind of release. Not that it’s the first and not that it’s going to be the last.


Irrelevant storylines and humor are the templates on which commercially successful movies ply these days. There is a lot of talk about chemistry and comic timing when actors, directors and producers talk about comedy. One of the things that they don’t talk about is the forceful nature of the comedy. Movies like Venky, Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav, Malleswari etc have the flow in them which is missing in the present day movies. I have already mentioned this fact many times in my blog, but the very appearance of Ali in movies these days is a cue for entendre. No wonder, filmmakers are usually up in arms against the censor for the kind of certificates they dole out to the movies.


The effectiveness of an actor’s acting capabilities lie in the able hands of a director. Allu Arjun, as an actor is still in the nascent stage and the director needs to go the extra mile to extract a winning performance out of him. This can be seen in the difference in the way he performs in this movie and the way he performs in Julayi. In the later, he is the character and the performance flows naturally. In this movie, he is AA and the performance seems forced- the way he utters ‘Dhavudaa’ throughout the movie is an indicator. Dances, the area where Allu Arjun trumps, is the biggest let down in the movie. One of the tweets suggests the same here



Shruti Hassan has nothing to do in the movie- is it a surprise? I don’t remember if she utters more than a dialogue or couple in the second half – an utter waste in her filmography.


Surendar Reddy has almost consistently managed to confound the audiences with his movies. A maker who is hyped as one with ‘Hollywood Standards’, he manages to make a mockery of the hype. Athidhi, Oosaravelli and now this movie stand as pointers for his failed efforts as a director.


Verdict: The movie is already a hit. If you want to scratch your head as to why it is, you can watch the movie

Image Courtesy: idlebrain.com


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