In the lead up to the release, Aamir Khan, in all his interviews, was at pains to explain that the reason he accepted Dhoom 3 was that he liked the script and not because the franchise was a money spinner.

It is, then, not to his advantage that the premise, to an extent, and the idea of the movie were borrowed from a popular film maker’s well acclaimed movie. Because of the image that Aamir has, his acting will be compared against the original.

Regardless of how it fares at the box office, this movie tells us that how the franchise movies have failed to adapt to the changing landscape of the movie business. When Dhoom released around ten years ago, it was a novel thing to see bikes, bikers, thieves, props and girls. Dhoom 2 relied heavily on the ‘Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai’ factor to pull it off.

In ‘Koffee with Karan’, Aamir Khan provided an insight into why Salman Khan is a bigger star than him. He said, “I need a lot of people to make the film and myself work, but Salman can just walk in and give you a hit”. He is right as the duo of Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra let him down badly and the movie doesn’t look half as spectacular as it should.

The weakness of the movie is the fact that it relies overtly on Aamir Khan. People keep waiting for the moment why Aamir Khan accepted the movie. It never comes. What we get is a twist that is bland, because of the ‘lack of novelty’ factor.

Aamir Khan is lucky that this movie would be followed by PK. Abhishek Bachchan might not be so lucky as it puts a lot of pressure on his release. This movie might be the last movie in which we might see Uday Chopra in the cast. He seems to be the only actor in the movie who seems to have aged with the idea of the movie.

It is perhaps good for a movie that Aamir Khan wields control over the making, as it was visible that his presence, if any, was limited. The beginning scenes, bar the flashback, are pointers to that. The entrance of Abhishek Bachchan was so contrived that it seemed they were trying to keep up with the present trend of inanities. In fact, the area seemed more out of Rio’s Favella’s than Mumbai’s Dharavi.

Vijay Krishna Acharya will be remembered as a person who threw away two golden chances of directing what could’ve been good movies. From the movies he has made, it is impossible to believe that he was at one point of time an assistant to Kundan Shah.

Please do get back to me if you notice Katrina Kaif in the movie. Yes, she does make her presence felt in the scene where she kisses Aamir Khan and in the songs. Apart from that, nothing. Jackie Shroff sizzles in the little while that he is there.

The only one in the technical department to come out unscathed would be the cinematographer. There are some brilliant shots of Chicago in the movie.

Verdict: The indecisiveness of how to use a star at hand killed the movie. Only the wide release can guarantee collections


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