During the audio release, when his time to talk to the crowd came, Allu Arjun made an impassionate plea for the technicians involved in the business of movie making. One of his statements went this way “To make me look good on the screen lie the efforts of a lot of people”. At that time, the statements seemed to border on false modesty and self deprecatory humour. Now that a few of us have seen the movie, they, the words, ring true. From the moment aerial shots of a city, probably Barcelona, are shown, we are in awe of the cameraman. This is the reason why the movie won’t draw as much flak as Orange did for basing the plot in a city abroad when it could’ve been based in pretty much anywhere in the world.

We can’t even blame the audience for immersing themselves with only the stylish visuals. That’s the only thing that asks for attention from us. The presence of a story or lack thereof is not vivid till the end credits roll.

It’s quite a miracle that the movie escaped with an U/A certificate considering the entendre about virginity and sex in general. Anyways people coming to Puri’s movies come entirely knowing that these things are passé. If not, the director certainly thinks that the audience think so.

Allu Arjun is the best thing about the movie. The emotion filled fight before the interval is, quite clearly, the best moment of the movie. It is his diction that requires a lot of improvement. His accent at certain places in the movie is a sure put-off, perhaps explaining the reason why he can’t carry a movie on his shoulders. At least not a movie which requires subtlety and intensity in facial expressions. That it is a poor movie doesn’t mean that its box office prospects are hampered. An example for poor movies doing well exists in the form of Racha and Naayak. Coincidence that his cousin is the hero in both the movies?

Amala Paul would be thankful that she got to appear in the best song in the movie. Her effort to appear as the innocent girl is probably among the worst parts in the movie discounting Catherine’s part in the movie. Her appearance in the later parts can’t be explained without letting on the twists in the movie.

We are all treated to the thighs of Catherine as a part of the introductory shot in the movie. It actually sets the trend for the rest of the movie. The length of her trousers varies with the mood of the scene. If that’s to attract a section of the audience is only known to the director and herself.

Puri Jagannath is still a director who continues to frustrate and delight us in equal measure. For every Pokiri, he gives us a Nenu Naa Rakshasi. For every Neninthe, there is a Devudu Chesina Manushulu. The point I aver to is, his poor films are always more than that- they are worse. His good films have become few and far in between. Shortly put, he is like the lover of a girl whose mother doesn’t like him. A few people reckon by him and a few people won’t like whatever he does.

Just before I wrap this up, I have to talk about the dances. When we say that Allu Arjun is one of the best contemporary dancers, it probably amounts to making a true statement. We are provided a glimpse into greatness when Allu Arjun dances to an old Chiru hit, we exactly know who is the better dancer. Perhaps there lies a message to his cousin in attempting the remixes of his father’s hits. Hope the message is to deter him from attempting them

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