wp-17svsc1280Have you ever been to your grandparents place and had a look at the albums in their house? In most cases, the chances are that the pictures are sequestered according to the age of their children. You would certainly notice that the picture of one of your parents will be on the same page as their siblings. All of them passport size photographs, mind you. This is the one realisation that hits you as the titles are rolling. It unfolds in the form of an album.


While entering the theatre, I overheard a couple of friends conversing. One of them said, “For a movie to hit a chord with the audience, they should envisage themselves in the shoes of the protagonist or there should be something exceptional in the content of the movie”. He was not far from the truth. Credit then to the director that he takes this principle and turns it over. As the scenes unfold you have a feeling that actually warms your heart and makes you feel that you have been through these feelings before.


Srikanth Addala, the director, at the audio function of the movie said that it was beyond him to develop the character of Prakash Raj and he had to take the help of a senior writer to actually develop the character. Prakash Raj does play a pivotal role. He owns the climax of the movie with his performance.


Jayasudha lives up to her moniker of ‘Sahaja Nati’. Her performance throughout remains straight, but for one scene. The scene where Mahesh Babu confronts her about the attitudes in the family, is where she brings out the best of herself.


Venkatesh plays the role of the eldest child in the family. His inability to come to terms with the world and its ways had to be projected with as few words as possible. He does it with his expressions. The scenes that he has with Mahesh Babu are well made and the fact that he is the elder brother shines through in each of those scenes.


Mahesh Babu, post the sabbatical has been a brilliant actor. He infuses life into every character that he plays these days. The Godavari accent, a mature outlook and the love for family are easily handled by the reigning superstar of Telugu Film Industry. He lives out the chauvinistic dreams of every youngster when he spurns the advances of women. His character shade is that of an egoistic person which is evident in his scenes with Venkatesh and Samantha.


Anjali without doubt has to be find of this movie. To hold her own against stalwarts and superstars is no mean task. She does it with aplomb and impresses one and all with her performance. She is as pivotal to the movie as Prakash Raj. It is through her that the director conveys the relationship between the brothers.


Samantha doesn’t have a lot to do, but her expression of ‘Bonga Moothi’ will surely gain credence as the days pass.

Rao Ramesh is the closest that any character comes to being an antagonist. He does well. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rama Prabha, Tanikella Bharani and others have lesser roles but they do well.


People are complimenting the heroes for accepting to star in a multi-starrer. They should be commended for choosing this movie rather than an action drama. One can say that they have put their stardom to right use through this movie, not in the movie.


Last but not the least, Srikanth Addala has done a brilliant job. If we actually nit-pick through the movie, we will find that he employs a lot of characters and doesn’t use them effectively. Although I wasn’t impressed with his first movie in terms of casting, I surely felt it was a good movie when the family scenes were on. That he goes on and makes an entire film on a family is playing to his strengths. That he made a movie with two contemporary stars without the fans haggling on the screen time is a feather in his cap.


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