In the making for nearly two and a half years, Eega has a lot of box office hopes riding on it. Not because of the subject, not because of the script, not because of the actors, not because of the producers, but for the fact that it is directed by SS Rajamouli.


It is because of his track record that there are a lot of expectations of riding on it. With not a star in the cast, it was a huge gamble to invest 30 crores on the movie. The money invested shows, as the CG work in the movie is something that has never been seen in a Telugu movie.


What keeps the audience glued to the movie? They lay in wait for the housefly, and when it does come they want to see what made Rajamouli believe in this all through. The thing that made him postpone the release a few times. The effort is there for all to see.


It is said that the barometer of a good actor is his/her performance in the close-up shots. The protagonist in the movie, Eega, has only close-up shots and the credit for its performance goes to the people in charge of the Graphics department and the cinematographer.


In the interim there were a lot of rumours flying around. Eega was getting delayed because Rajamouli was ghost directing ‘Rajanna’, his father’s debut directorial venture. It was said that the major portions of the movie were being reshot. When he announced the last delay in the release, he said that it was to fine-tune the product.


And now that it has released, the biggest hooters in the theatre are the children. They watched the movie in rapt attention and raising their voice whenever the ‘Eega’ on the screen did something extraordinary. The fact that the children understood the major parts tells us the greatness of the linear method of storytelling.


Apart from the scenes involving the ‘Eega’, the maximum run-time has been allotted for the romance thread between the lead pair. Naani charms his way into the audiences’ hearts with these few sequences.


From Maryada Ramanna, Rajamouli has made it a habit to reveal the story and it’s flow to the audience. He has done the same with ‘Eega’ too. Credit to the director and the writer’s then that the pace doesn’t slacken at any moment and keeps the viewer glued to his seat.


  • For the first time since ‘Koshish’, a protagonist doesn’t have any talking to do. ‘Eega’ doesn’t have any expressions to rely on, nor does it have long monologues. Yet people are drawn to its efforts in trying to kill the antagonist. The workout routine, the exasperated sequences, the escaping from the traps, the feeling of vengeance. All of these have been conveyed without a single twitch of brow from the protagonist. The real protagonist’s then are the Graphics people, cinematographer, and the director himself


  • Sudeep is the find from this movie. Rajamouli has been known to give a lot of importance to the antagonist’s role. In eega too, he does the same. A lot more frustrated and less terrifying, Sudeep does convey the expressions that the director wants him to. To his credit, he registers an impact from the very first sequence. His entry is one of the best, if not the best, an antagonist has ever had.


  • Samantha doesn’t have a lot to do in the movie. She is expected to carry a forlorn expression majority of the time and does it well. Going by her look, one feels her sequences were shot before the release of Dookudu. Credit is due to both Samantha and Sudeep, because they would have shot the sequences with the protagonist without him. Seen in that light, Sudeep has come up with a stellar performance


  • Naani, expectedly sizzles in the short role. Every lover in the state would be inspired by the positive light he throws on the rebuttal by Samantha. As said earlier, he charms his way into the audiences hearts. His character sketch is the reason for people baying for the antagonist’s blood.



  1. I’ve read all of your reviews today for Nanis’s movies and feel you are bang on the reason for why his acting draws you to him. Have you reviewed Gentleman? It’s one of his best performances to date, also no with Ninnu Kori


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