When I heard the songs of Yendukante Premanta, I wanted to see the movie for one song- Nee Choopule. I learned later that it was a source of huge relief to see it in the initial frames itself. Job done, I sat through the movie and couldn’t find a single thing I would remember after two days, bar the song


The initial scenes set the tone for the narrative. A narrative that refuses to move, and be linear. Karunakaran has a set pattern for his narrative. A motherless heroine, good in character, focussed, and morally on a higher plane. The goalless hero, whose life takes a turn after he meets the heroine and pining with unrequited love. And before we forget, the hero has a strict father (not in darling) who is made to look comical


So the story has nothing new to offer, but for a twist(!) in the tale. The twist here is, that everything is going to be good at the end and that’s announced about fifty minutes into the movie. Well, it is that sort of a movie. Every movie, especially the bad one’s, has a redeeming factor. That it is a song for Yendukante Premanta, is something that is hard to digest.


With nothing to offer, the movie stretches to 156 minutes. Not that it could’ve been any better if swathes of the movie weren’t there. Sometimes the viewer feels what difference a location can make to a movie. We needn’t jog back our memory a lot. Rewind to 2010, and we have the example of Orange. Orange could’ve been based in any of the cities in the world but the director insisted that it had to be based in Sydney as the protagonist was a graffiti artist. Add Yendukante Premanta to that list now. It could’ve been based anywhere but the director and producers are intent in passing off Switzerland as France (Paris with Switzerland flags. That must be a first). Before anybody can point fingers, there is a song that’s shot in Paris. The point here isn’t about the places. It is about the escalating costs. Yes, it is the home production for the hero, but it still doesn’t justify it


  • Ram

What made Ram sign on the dotted line? The non-existent storyline? The irrational concept? He is coming off a hit movie (Kandireega) and might justify the choice by saying it’s a ‘different’ film. Sorry to say, it ain’t. One good thing about his movies is the absence of vulgar content. Endukante Premanta, too joins the list. He has the skills and they can be put to very good use. Jagadam stands as a showcase for a director willing to bring the best out of this actor. He is slowly slipping into the Tarun mode and if he doesn’t take care, it might slip further in the same direction. He has developed a lot in the looks department though and looks set to play romantic roles, if he is willing


  • Tammana

It’s a pleasure to see Tammana, without the excessive skin show that we have grown accustomed too. Her pairing with Ram, looks fresh and energetic. It’s a pity that the script lets them down. Her deglamourized role in the initial minutes might go down well with her fans. She will be certainly considered a golden goose if the movie hits the bull’s eye at the box-office. If it doesn’t, she has an impressive set of movies lined up.


  • Karunakaran

The time has come for him to change tracks. For a discerning viewer, his movies are all the same. If he delivers duds with such talent at his disposal, then he will himself to blame for the future that awaits him. Ram and Tammana’s dancing skills are something that he should have utilised to the hilt, but he insists on making predictable, feel-good movies.


The only thing about the movie which is out of bounds for the complaints is cinematography. The cinematographer embellishes every frame in the movie. If only the movie had a good storyline



I put myself through the wringer by choosing this movie over Shanghai, and am repenting every bit. The only solace though, is the fact the tickets will be cheaper on a Monday morning show for Shanghai. The wait for the next good movie, unfortunately, continues…


  1. Remember Balu (ABCDFG)..Karnakaran’s attempt at playing in his non-home ground..?!
    I think that explains his reluctance to explore to tread away from the beaten path.


  2. Exactly! He sure made a deviation from style in Balu, and it flopped. Not a reason enough to dump trying. My problem is with the fact that his last three movies have been similar to each other. In fact, I felt that I was watching the first song from Darling when I was watching Ram’s intro song. Similar costumes, too


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