Harish Shankar has delivered what he promised. He promised a movie, made for Pawan Kalyan, by a Pawan Kalyan fan. And delivered a hit. A hit that had Pawan Kalyan fans waiting for a generation. It might break the existing records, or may not. What matters is, that the fans hunger for a hit has been satiated


The thing with the movie is, you know what’s coming yet you find yourself drawn to the narrative. Case in point being Pawan Kalyan’s introduction. After the kid’s roles are done with, you are left in no suspense as the screen flashes ‘After some years …. The kid grows up to be Pawan Kalyan’


I always felt that the true potential of Pawan Kalyan was yet to be tapped. He has always been offered roles that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Either underplay them, or indulge in overacting (Yes, Jalsa was an exception). I would rate this performance of his as his second best. This is Pawan Kalyan seldom seen, a version which sent his fans crazy.


He sends the fans into joyous mode with every dialogue in the first half. Though he seemed reluctant to dance, a few moves sent the crowd into a tizzy. Every time the theme music of the movie was played out, which was ‘always’, Pawan Kalyan had the crowd eating out of his hands. The second half was slower in pace as the director had to tie and untie a lot of knots.


The only complaint, and a huge joy from the movie are related to the same thing- the entendre in the movie. For the second big-ticket film in succession, we have a female character uttering them. In a way it was surprising as every frame that Gayatri appears in, Ali is around the corner, but doesn’t end up delivering them, which incidentally is a source of huge joy.


Ali is there for a reason- to elevate Pawan’s character. Suhasini does her part well, and so does Nagineedu. Ajay and Kota were wasted in short roles, but nobody is complaining. Yes, I said that Pawan was reluctant to dance, but two of his moments come in the bit songs. One in the ‘Mandhu babulam’ song, and the other in the ‘antakashari’ when the song ‘baavo … subullu baavo’ comes up.


  • Pawan Kalyan comes back to the hit mode, and in style. He lets go of all the inhibitions in the movie, and boy isn’t he exuberant? A few months ago, when Panjaa released, I said


In his initial movies, he tasted success through remakes and there is no harm in actually doing the same now. That his next movie is a remake might provide the emotional cushion for a man who is enduring the roughest of rough patches. He nearly put a halt to it with Jalsa but the confused narrative didn’t allow the movie to get to the next level


Yes he is back to the hit mode through a remake, but the credit belongs to him that he stepped out of his comfort zone to act in the movie. It is a pity that he doesn’t have a follow up movie to this movie anytime soon. It was a thing that he did after Khushi. Hope this time he doesn’t endure a run as bad as he had to, after that movie. He is one among the four major aspirants for the number one in Telugu Film Industry, and he is the one who has had the best shot at Mahesh’s position this summer.


  • Shruthi Hassan doesn’t have much to do in the movie. Yes, she does put an end to the horror run she has been having since her debut movie, but she needs a substantial role to leave her mark. The sooner she gets it, better for her


  • Harish Shankar is the man responsible for giving Pawan Kalyan the much needed hit. His dialogues are the main reason why the movie has got great openings. Being a fan of the actor, he exactly knew what the fans were expecting out of the star, and he delivered

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