At the audio function of Dammu, Rajamouli appreciated Boyapati Sreenu for sticking to the action/mass masala genre. In his words “I have drifted into movies involving graphics and Vinayak has dabbled with comedy. The only director, steadfast in his belief with action movies, is [Boyapati] Sreenu”


An avid Telugu movie fan has become intelligent these days. He knows what to expect from a director based on his previous work. On that level, Boyapati Sreenu has managed to satiate the expectations of a lot of people. Not just the fans. If the movie doesn’t connect with the normal crowds, he can always hide behind the words “But, it was made for the fans”


Fans: This word is bane for the industry. In the morning, before going out for the movie, I was chatting with a friend of mine and asked him, if he plans to watch the movie. He said ‘No’ and said it would be a torture to sit through the movie. Fair point, but a few weeks ago, when I said that a movie was bad, and it starred his favourite hero, he was quick to retort back by asking ‘Did you watch the movie?’ Well, the time that I had a chat with him, he wouldn’t have watched the movie. I too am a fan of a hero, and I enjoy his monotony as much as his different roles. Hate for actors hasn’t permeated into me, yet.


Coming back to the movie, there is nothing that you would find to be novel, but the way Junior Ntr enacts and modulates his dialogues is to be watched on the big screen. His fans would be disappointed with the fact that the NTR they knew for dancing, didn’t turn up in this movie. The song ‘Ruler’ turned out to be a dampener


Adding to NTR’s performance are the BGM and dialogues in the movie. “Pandi Balisthe  adhi Enugu kadhu” seems a normal dialogue, but the way NTR delivers it bought about a lot of cheers in the theatre. Every confrontation with the villain(s) has NTR slipping into the effortless mode. Now for the all-important question, will the movie propel NTR a few notches above Mahesh Babu in the pecking order? No, for the primary reason that he indulges in a lot of chest thumping, which might not actually gel with the neutral audience


There is a lot of double entendre in the movie that could have been avoided. In spite of the ‘A’ certificate, a few words strike a jarring note. Ali has been doing a lot of these roles in the recent past and the day might not be far away, when his very presence in the movie will make the censors stamp an ‘A’.


  • NTR shines in a role that was tailor-made for him. Except for the dance sequences, he manages to go beyond the expectations of the people. His suggestive dialogues might turn away a few non-fans. Considering that the movie had a lot of family audiences, he should have taken care to avoid the suggestive dialogues


  • Trisha has a neither here, nor there role in the movie. She doesn’t have much to do in the second half of the movie. If the movie hits the bulls-eye, she can be sure of landing a couple of plum offers


  • There is nothing in the movie that justifies Karthika’s role in the movie. The director might say that it was essential in enticing the masses to the theatre, but I felt that her overtures in the movie were uncalled for


  • The rest score well in their respective roles


  • Boyapati Sreenu seems to have become an expert at these movies now. The story thread is always based in a family and how the protagonist works towards redeeming the lost glory of the family. Each and every action sequence in the movie is brilliant. The ‘hand folded behind the back’ sequences were a pleasure to watch ( it appears twice in the movie). All in all, a movie that would further enhance the reputation of everyone involved with the movie


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