Are little things known to inspire people? If so, what makes them turn ‘on’ that imaginary switch in the brain? Do players knowingly get into a squabble to inspire themselves? All of this was in evidence in last night’s match between West Indies


Pattinson started by spraying the ball, like he did in the previous T20. There was something that both the openers, Dwayne Smith and Charles, did that was effective and seemed like a well-planned move. That, one of them decided to move away from the line and the other tried to move into the line played havoc with the bowler’s lines


For a few deliveries, it seemed that McKay stumbled on the good length. The good length to bowl to these batsmen was the ‘invisible fourth stump line’. Watson found the radar early and forced Charles to hole out to long-off. Pollard couldn’t repeat his heroics from the previous game. On his way back, Warner provided some lip service to him. At that moment it seemed inconsequential, but it came back to haunt the home team when Warner batted with refreshing freedom in the powerplay overs


Anyways the Pollard dismissal was the catalyst that the fielders were waiting for. Till Smith was at the crease, it seemed as if 200 wasn’t beyond the reach of West Indies. The dismissal of Smith, though, had a dominoes effect on the rest of the batting. Bravo struggled to keep the runs flowing. Australia succeeded in keeping West Indies down to 160. There wasn’t any inspiring moment that Australia cashed upon. It had more to do with the fact that West Indies had self-destructed magnificently


The Smith-Charles partnership was so effective that for a fleeting moment, Anderson and Jayasuriya might have entertained hopes of their record being eclipsed. The six that Charles hit off Lee will stand out in the memory for a long time. It was a fuller length delivery, on the middle and leg line, and swinging in. Charles moved back and sliced the ball over deep backward point fence. For devastating effect, he propelled one more ball over the point fielder for a boundary


Pollard started his feud with Warner before a ball was bowled. He was buzzing near Warner, whenever the opportunity presented itself. They had a long argument at a drinks break. Lyon, the twelfth man, enjoyed the show without actually getting involved. It seemed that the conversation fuelled Warner. He got to his half-century and looked set to take Australia to their first series win in T20’s on foreign soil. Bravo put paid to those hopes as he ran Warner out with a direct throw from extra-cover


With the odds even going into the last stretch of the match, Samuels produced a match turning over. Not only did he bowl four dot balls at stretch, he also took the wicket of Matthew Wade. In the end, West Indies won comfortably, but not without breaking a sweat. They had more moments to derive inspiration from, than Australia. Lesser learnt from the match: No moment in a cricket match can be viewed in isolation

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