Around this time last year, Ravi Teja issued a press release. He stated that he is ready to give a chance to any new director and his doors would be open 24/7 for them. You can attribute that to the promotion for the film ‘Dongala Mutha’. After his subsequent movie, Veera, flopped, there was a talk going around that he is asking for bound scripts from the directors

Nippu, in my opinion, would have been accepted in between those two phases. There would’ve have been no reason to accept this film had it been a bound script. Ravi Teja is known to make monumentally disastrous decisions while choosing films. Bhageeradha, Baladoor, Khatarnak, and Veera stand as testimonies for the same. On the flip side, he is also known to carry a movie on his shoulders. Though not on par with his previous disasters, Nippu will be a movie that Ravi Teja will stand to regret

It was promoted as the amalgamation of different styles of cinema. One, bearing the trademark Gunasekhar stamp and the other being the entertainment we have come to expect from Ravi Teja. One positive thing to emerge from the fracas is the fact that Ravi Teja is a director’s actor. No actor in his senses would have accepted to do a trailer jumping sequence. The entire movie was woven around a single thread and that hurt the movie bad. The starcast wasn’t utilised properly.

There is a disturbing trend that has been noticed in the last two movies of Ravi Teja. He is tending to gravitate towards the larger-than-life characters. This is actually playing havoc with his movie choosing abilities. He seems to be out of sync with his success pattern. He was someone who was always identifiable with his characters. In Veera and Nippu it wasn’t so

It isn’t as if Ravi Teja let the movie down. He was his usual energetic self all through in the movie. There was something more that was required from him. That he needed to be stretched to be limit is the director’s fault. From unbelievable action sequences to a delicate thread holding the script together, it didn’t quite pan out the way the director expected it. The movie might have worked if the flashback episode was a little bit longer.

People and sites have been spelling doom for Ravi Teja’s career. I feel all that he needs is a role that can get him closer to the proletariat.

So where do the people associated with the movie go on from here?

  • Ravi Teja needn’t worry about his immediate future, but that doesn’t mean he can be reckless with the scripts that he chooses. He has some strengths that few actors in the industry can boast of. Like delivering the dialogues with élan and superb sense of comic timing.
  • Deeksha Seth needs a hit and fast. She did the best she could and it wasn’t enough. Few more movies with A listers would be of great help. The problem is, who would offer them to her? She needs to plan her career with care and ensure that it doesn’t careen
  • Gunasekhar is in the danger of obliterating his own legacy. Sainikudu, Varudu, and now Nippu represent the biggest trough in his career. He is himself to blame for it as there was either, a delicate story thread or no story at all to narrate. He has a movie in hand. If that fails at the box-office, we might have seen the last of Gunasekhar
  • A man who survives Okka Magadu, Saleem and Nippu will be nothing less than Houdini. Train wreck after train wreck of movies and being associated with them will do nothing to YVS’ short-term and long-term future, but spell doom. Rey is the only movie that he has, to pin his hopes on. Is it worth pining his hopes on?

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