Yes he has attained the superstardom. Yes, the eyes of the entire Telugu film industry are on him. Yes, he seems to quite enjoy it. Yes, he is coming out of his comfort zone. Despite all this Mahesh Babu will learn a new thing from this movie. He will need to thank Puri Jagannadh for that

He gets to utter the best dialogues in the movie. He is omnipresent in the movie. And it is well justified. The camera seems to love him and so do the ladies who come to the theatre to watch him. I needn’t go any further than reproducing what a lady said after the movie “Too Cute”. This must have been the reason that prompted an observer to say “Make Mahesh Babu run for three hours on a treadmill, people will still throng to watch him”. Now don’t get naughty ideas Ram Gopal Varma!

Puri is the man, again, giving direction to Mahesh’s career. This is the first movie that exploits the superstardom of Mahesh Babu. Puri makes no bones about it. There are a lot of moments in the movie where Mahesh is serious and the audience laugh. All of them are in the first half. By the time crowd absorbs the character, the dialogues hit hard. No dialogue is better than “You ask me what I want from Delhi, I will give you Delhi”.

The most impressive part of this movie is Mahesh’s body language. He fills himself with the required arrogance for the role. These intense roles are his ‘bread and butter’ parts. The new persona in him bubbles to the fore, everytime that he has to share a frame with Kajal Aggarwal. He continues to share amazing chemistry with Nazar. The scenes between them work well

The romantic track is interesting till a point. After the movie gets into the second half, the scenes between the lead pair remind us of Pokiri.  The only thing that Kajal has to do in the movie is to be a cue for dialogues to flow from Mahesh Babu. There are a few that the mind can retain actually. One, the story of a tiger chasing the rabbit and why man roots for rabbit. Two, where he says that he might get more dangerous with Kajal’s refusal

Puri gets back his mojo of projecting his protagonists in a manner unique to him. Every movie of his, bar Nenu Naa Rakshasi has his hero portraying a lovable rogue.

Censors have taken care to blur excessive show of skin and beep out the profanities. This is where I will go back to the lady sitting next to me. She was uttering all the profanities that were beeped out. So much for the work of the Censor board. We all got to hear a lot of them in the trailers itself. Din’t we? It’s a good step, to actually beep them on the screen but what about those same dialogues blaring from our TV screens in the living room? Mind you, the lady was pretty upset when Mahesh smooched Kajal Aggarwal. The only moment when she really stopped talking

The thing that Mahesh Babu will realise as his career graph zooms is that he will continue to overshadow the good and the bad things in a movie. For this, he needs to take care that he is not inveigled by faulty scripts. Till then lets enjoy the actor that Mahesh Babu is

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