What do you make of a movie that shows its climax in the very first frame of the movie? That it has a story to tell. Isn’t it? What if the movie is a dubbed one? Would you think that it would be full of clichés that dubbed films are peppered with? Journey is a movie that turns the rulebook upside down and treads its own path

It has nothing novel in the story department, nothing special in its treatment and neither does it have the protagonists getting into the skin of the character. They played characters you see in everyday life. In short, it is like the meal in a famous restaurant, where you know what you are going to get, but you will still savour it

The movie revolves around four characters and no, the characters don’t have equal importance. Jai- Anjali story gets more importance than the Sharwanand-Ananya track. The performances, though, are top notch from each of them. Anjali shines through in all frames. She holds her own in comic sequences and emotional sequences. My personal opinion is, she had an author backed role and did not let down the writer. Every scene with Jai is a superb one. That is because, as exceptionally as Anjali performs, Jai subtly underplays his own part

Ananya has more scenes to perform than Sharwanand and breathes life into the village bumpkin that she plays. Sharwanand has the least run-time amongst all the four characters but he has the best scene of the movie. He performs amazingly well in the scene and does manage to elicit a few tears from the viewers

How many times have you heard that the story won’t have nativity problems when it comes to the audiences in a different state? Well this movie lives up to that talk. The story could have been set anywhere in the world and it would have attracted people equally

The producers in Telugu have taken care to induce the required dash of reality but the effort cannot be fully complimented as you can see a few boards in Tamil and the Tamil Nadu number plates. That they made a start to keep these to a bare minimum is a commendable effort

Studios from Hollywood are arriving in India with regularity. While Warner Brothers ventured in with Chandni Chowk to China, Disney did the same with Roadside Romeo and Anaganaga O Dheerudu. Fox Media did the same with this movie in Tamil. What is delightful to watch is that the director did not splurge money in the name of experimentation. Where it helps others is that a successful movie will encourage the studios to pump in more money. Whether it was intentional or deliberate is only known to the makers but they certainly have set a trend

There is no unnecessary track inserted into the movie. Every scene contributes to the progress of the movie and the comic sequences in the movie are situational rather than forced. In a scene where Jai’s house owner demands to know where he is, he cooly lies by saying he is in a hospital. When the owner asks for the hospital name, he takes the name of the garment store from where he just bought clothes for himself. Also the continuity is an important aspect when Jai asks Anjali to exactly do the same things that she demanded from him, albeit in a polite manner

A few years ago in a movie by the hero’s name, the protagonist reveals his name in farcical manner at the end. Here Sharwanand does the same but it seems a lot more believable. It nails a simple fact. To make a good movie, you need actors. To make a hit movie, you need stars. Enjoy a movie that is both good and commercially viable

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