In the previous post, I mentioned about movies that I loved this year. In this post I will talk out about movies that left me with nothing but ennui. There may have been much worse films than these but wasting resources like they did in this movie is inexcusable. I might talk more about what I hated in a movie rather than what I loved in a movie. Here is the list of the movies that I hated, this year. Point to be noted again is that this is not an exhaustive list and are picked from the movies that I saw this year

1) Dongala Mutha

Yeah this movie had my favourite actor in it and it had ample dosage of Charmi’s posterior. What it did not have was, a story. Announced and made in a rush, the movie disappeared out of theatres too in a rush. With a talented star cast at his disposal, RGV threw it all away. He never went in with a script in hand for this movie. Agreed that it was experimental fare and costed, next to nothing. That the making videos of this movie were more entertaining than the movie itself tells us a lot. Appalling fare, at best

2) Nenu naa Rakshasi

The director of this movie had the gall to say Thanks at the end of the movie. He, probably was under no illusion. He thought that people might not sit through the movie and wanted to thank those who bore the movie till the very end. A genuine gesture, indeed. The movie was so insipid that people were indifferent to its similarities to Dushman. The only actor to emerge unscathed from the mess was the little kid

3) Veera

That my favourite actor figures in two of the duds this year is a pointer to his script choosing abilities. If ever I meet him in my lifetime, I would want to ask what made him choose the scripts of Khatarnak and Veera. Maybe, he wanted to test if he can carry a poor movie on his shoulders or worse still, he thought his fans would throng his movies without ever considering the storyline. To date, it remains his last release and he seems to have learnt his lessons well. He is asking for bound scripts now or so I heard

4) 180

A pack of talented artistes were wasted by a first time director. Gargantuan expectations were built up after the audio release and the subsequent theatrical trailer release. In the end, the movie itself was a damp squib as it had nothing new to offer. Siddharth, the idea of an American Yama and living the remainder of life happily were few factors that churned the gut. The cinematography, Nitya Menon and the songs made the viewer sit through the three hour torture. One of the biggest drawbacks for the movie was the hype it was accorded in the print media. It was entirely based on the reputation of the maker in his chosen profession

5) Dhada

Education has nothing to do with movie making. An IIT,IIM graduate made a unmitigated disaster of a movie in Dhada. He had all the resources at his disposal. Budget, music, star cast, and the backing of Nagarjuna. None of these could translate into collections at the box-office. Naga Chaitanya’s fledgling career was dealt a blow by the failure of this movie. That he threw away the golden chance means that we might never see Ajay Bhuyan making a movie again

6) Panjaa

What does it tell us about the desperation of a star who grows reminiscent of his old hits in the movie? Simple, he needs a hit. Well if he had to rehash one of his previous movies, why not a hit movie than a flop one. Similar to Balu, this movie had a few rousing dialogues and proven performers. Pawan Kalyan was, actually, subtle in this movie and it did not work. A lot of time was taken to put the point across, in the movie. It didn’t work in favour of the movie that the playtime of the best performer was only limited to the first half. Things might have been different if Jackie Shroff was the one to expire. And so would’ve been the story too

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