BREAKING NEWS: Allu Arjun and Ravi Teja from Telugu movies make a fleeting appearance in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Doesn’t matter that they appear in a TV footage in the movie


From the time it was announced that Anil Kapoor would be a part of the Mission Impossible franchise, it was marked as an awaited movie in India. It was widely anticipated that he would play a major role in the movie. Though he serves as a major connecting link in the movie or rather the main reason, why the movie moves to India, he is projected as a lusting billionaire


One of the very good things about the movie is its humour content. There are a lot of subtle one-liners by the guy who operates the computer and is the technical guru in the movie. The movie is about an evil mind getting his hand on nuclear warhead and the mission is to stop a full blown war between USA and Russia


There are a lot of things that are interlinked in the movie. For example, at the beginning of the mission when it’s said that the message will self-destruct in five seconds and doesn’t, Tom Cruise walks back and destroys the message himself. At the end of the movie, he says that the only thing working in the mission was the team


Tom Cruise seems to be in his element in this movie. A man, who combines drop dead gorgeousness with great intelligence has to be revered. It is no wonder then that this movie has had four instalments. He is in top form in the action sequences filmed in Dubai. The rest of the cast does their jobs well


The movie jumps from Budapest to Moscow to Dubai and finally to, Mumbai. Well, a lot of reviewers will give positive reviews for the movie and so will I. There is nothing in the movie that one can pick upon, except for attention to detail that is


It is often said that the detail is king. Well not so in this movie. The registration plates in Mumbai seem to run backwards, to, what is actually the norm in India. Well the team shifts to a Sun Network studio in Mumbai but the signboards are in Kannada. It is said that the studio is at a distance of six and a half minutes from Brij Mohan’s residence. There is no way that they can reach  Bengaluru in six minutes


That’s not the only glaring error. When Tom Cruise is chasing the antagonist through the streets of Mumbai, a giant hoarding of Coca-Cola Zero appears. Well a little research on the part of the makers would have told them it’s not available in India. It’s called diet Coke in India. These errors stand out because the narrative is racy and the fact that they stand out is a pointer to the magnitude of the error


Its not to pinpoint the errors but to tell those reviewers  who bend over and lick their own backsides while writing a review for Hollywood movies. It’s to tell them that a few mistakes happen in case of Hollywood movies


All in all, it’s a good watch and is a paisa-vasool for every paisa you put on the ticket



  1. I think Coca-Cola Zero hoarding was subtle product placement for the US audience, which is why they did not bother being thematically correct. Also, in the US, Coke Zero and Diet Coke are two different products.


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