No I don’t know Jim Morrison
No I din’t know that Ranbir Kapoor went through a lot of preparations for the movie
No I don’t like intelligent cinema

When is it that you can say that an ‘actor’ has really arrived? For me, it is, when the camera is fixed on him/her and the actor takes the viewer through the gamut of emotions, that his character faces. Based on that criteria alone, Ranbir Kapoor has arrived

When I saw ‘Wake Up Sid’, I was shocked by the reaction of people who said Ranbir was fabulous in the movie. I felt that the director passed the mantle of handling the tough scenes to Konkona in the movie. The camera, in that movie tended to focus on Konkona even when it was Ranbir who was to express the emotions

I din’t see any movie of his after that but with Rockstar, it is for the world to judge his capabilities. It might not gather earth shattering collections nor would it break even. What it does,is that, it introduces us to lot of talents. Cinematographer Anil Mehta deserves a lot of acclaim. The scene before the intermission and the songs are pointers to his brilliance

Director, Imtiaz Ali has succeeded in showing the angst of the protagonist to the viewers. Where he has failed is, to maintain the pace of the movie after intermission. After a certain point, the viewer starts to get tired of the obsessive behaviour displayed on screen. There are moments that light up the screen. Problem isn’t that these moments are few but the problem is that these moments aren’t coherent

Nargis Fakhri has played her part well. Yes, I liked her in the movie and unlike many critics I didn’t concentrate on her pouts and stiffness in many scenes. What I felt was that the actress was convincing in her portrayal in the first half. Her characterisation in the second half lets her down than it being the other way round. Wonder how much a Kareena or Priyanka made a difference to the role

Ranbir Kapoor is the engine that runs the movie. He is present in every frame of the movie and doesn’t let the movie down. The facial contortions convey a lot about the effort that he puts in for the role

A special word for Shammi Kapoor. He looks an absolute natural in his role as Ustad who plays a shehnai

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