Expectations: A lot many successful combinations in the past found this barrier too tough to cross. No expectations on a movie can take the movie to the next level. Since the expectations are low, bad becomes passable, passable becomes good, good becomes brilliant and brilliant becomes genius. This is the reason for a lot of movies garnering good reviews


When the same combination, comes together to have another tilt at the box office, expectations rise. These expectations arise in different hues. It gains momentum if the people concerned with the movie have grown after the initial success. Now if the people involved with the movie go on a publicity over kill, it is but natural that people’s expectations and imagination, both reach a crescendo


It is natural that if the movie fails in rising up to their expected levels, it is going to crash. Muragadas and Suriya have had to swallow the bitter pill given to them by people’s expectations. 7am Arivu is a curious case as the content in the movie is noble and good, what fails the movie is the execution


Perhaps and this is just a hunch, that Muragadas wanted to steer clear of Christopher Nolan. There comes a point in the movie from where it could have gone to the next level but it goes all downhill from there. Anything on the ‘power of mind’ would have been branded plagiarism by the movie goers


The old failings of the director come back to haunt this movie. Muragadas, maybe, loves his movies so much that he is incapable of ending them. This is the reason why he always, tends to rush towards the climax


I found this movie to be better than Ghajini. Alas, not many others feel the same because of their expectation levels. It is not to say that I din’t have expectation levels. Because I din’t like Ghajini, they were set at a lower level for me and this movie surely surpassed my expectations


Suriya has reached a level where he can never let down a movie with his performance. He delivers his lines with aplomb, dances well and emotes well too. In the theatre, he gets cat whistles from the girls for his chiselled look. Pointers to what he needs to do in the next movie, maybe


Shruthi Hassan gets a substantial role in her debut movie and does not disappoint. It must have been a tad too difficult for her to get into the skin of the character. She professes to be a nomad in real life but her rhetoric on culture and science in the movie makes a good impression on the audience


Muragados makes his views known through the heroine in this movie. I felt that instead of putting down a specific country if he managed to show the movie in positive light, the results at the box office would have been even better. Though made with noble intent, the movie reeks of superiority complex


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