Just when does a person call any match as the ‘greatest match of all time’? It has got to have what one would call an occasion, setting and a storied rivalry. Wimbledon final 2008 had all of this. It was the longest final at 4 hours and 48 minutes

When one chooses to write on the final, you would half expect them to write a lot about the match, for the match was one such. But Weirthem treads off the beaten track here as he concentrates on the growth of Federer and Nadal in his description of each set and talks about the Wimbledon grass, general health of tennis and also how the games are broadcast from Wimbledon

The game was one such where Federer found it tough to break Nadal’s serve and ended up conceding 6 games in every set to Nadal. Weirthem also concentrates on how Nadal’s game poses problems for Federer. He reveals in detail the way Nadal tormented the (weak) backhand of Federer

A lot many people will brush away lot of facts from the book as unnecessary trivia, but in the larger scheme of things, it acts as a warehouse of facts. Figure this fact from the book- Federer has 27 variants of the forehand in his arsenal

When he describes the life’s of Federer and Nadal, the reader wouldn’t feel that the author is veering off from the main topic. The only jarring note of the book is the fact that it, more than once puts down the quality of  1980 final

Once you are done reading the book, you will emerge out of it, with some respect for Nadal, if you are a Federer fan and vice-versa, if you are a Nadal fan

One of the most appreciated things about the book is the fact that at no point does, Weirthem try to spice up the proceedings by bringing in irrelevant topics. He sticks to the basics and ends up creating a picture in your mind, if you haven’t watched the final. If you did, he makes you go through the entire experience all over

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