The last time Puri Jagannadh said ‘Thank You’ as a director, we were treated to one of worst movies ever  . This time when he said those two words, he meant them for the purpose- thanking Amitabh Bachchan for what he is

When the movie was announced, Sonu Sood said he would be playing a Police officer and he added that the director felt he resembles Amitabh Bachchan. Enough clues

At the beginning a majority felt that the movie would be macabre underworld story. The way the movie pans out takes the breath away (in a positive sense)

Puri Jagannath is known for making Telugu movies with superb characterisation of the protagonist. A lot of his movies were money churners at the box office only because of the characterisation

In this movie, right from the moment titles roll, Puri had his brief – to project Amitabh like he has never been in the recent past. He starts off by borrowing from the man himself. Right from remixes of his old hits, rolled into one to his signature mannerisms, it’s all there

Sonu Sood stands his own before the doyen and makes a good impression of himself. Who cares, we are watching A BACHCHAN movie

Charmee and Sonal Chauahan play parts that are insignificant to the way story moves. Their disappearance is abrupt. Who cares, we are watching A BACHCHAN movie

Hema Malini like Sonu Sood manages to hold her own against the man but with time the force manages to blind us to her presence. Who cares, we are watching A BACHCHAN movie

Yeah there are scenes and dialogues that have been ripped from the director’s telugu movies. Who cares, we are watching A BACHCHAN movie

Subba Raju, Prakash Raj and Makrand Deshpande deliver rip-roaring scenes, but are not noticed. Who cares, we are watching A BACHCHAN movie

Post- Mrityudaata, the Bachchan aura was clearly missing. It promised to resurface in Bunty aur Babli but maybe he had to give it up for his son’s cause. There was an odd Paa, Waqt, and Khakee. Not enough for close to two decades. A Bachchan fan could not have loudly proclaimed that he was watching A BACHCHAN movie

This movie has it all- the swagger, the baritone and laugh (No death though). The confidence to act in this character might have been provided by Rajinikanth and Salman Khan. They have delivered hits with movies that fell in the the area of operation

Maybe just, maybe this movie will turn back the clock and get us the Bachchan that we loved, back. And we can say, we are watching A BACHCHAN movie

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