Few weeks ago in an interview to Lakshmi Prasanna, Prakash Raj let out an inforgettable gem. He said that “Pain is something that is internally centralized. Nobody can feel it for you”

While watching the movie this is the statement that comes back to haunt the mind. Everything about the movie is well-planned and sequentially arranged. From the day, the trailers were released on air, it was apparent that Mr. Balasubramaniem’s work would come in for lot of kudos. And it does

All the people involved with the movie have been saying that ‘180’ has got something to do with theme of the story and they were right. It in fact is apparent from the first dialogue of the movie. The kid in the first scene runs away with a lot of honours in that scene

That the movie is personal, is beyond doubt. It is presented with even more clarity in the long drawn-out list of thanks in the titles. What moves you is the fact that he credited Lahari Audio for using a track from a popular film

Since this is a movie made by a newcomer, it might not cut any ice with the intelligentsia of the new world. Scratch the surface and peep in further. That’s where you find layers

When it comes to performances, there is one person that stands out. Nitya Menen spreads the joy, sadness, anxiety and whatever be the emotion that she is undergoing, to the audience effortlessly. She is the lifeline for this movie in what can be called as an author backed role

Siddharth does well in contrasting characterisations. The flashback episodes are a severe test for an actor’s capability. Siddharth manages to convey the emotion but the way he conveys anger, frustration, depression look pretty much the same

Priya Anand does not have much to do in the movie and she pretty much does what is expected of her

Breathtakingly shot, the movie watcher will have to rather feel than enjoy this movie

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