Alex Wharf, the England bowler was robotic when he attended the press meet after snaffling up Ganguly, Dravid and Laxman in his first ODI. In the World Cup match against England, Bishoo too displayed similar attitude when he replied in mono-syllables. Bishoo made headway into the middle order of the much vaunted middle-order of India. His fielding also had the forcefulness about it as Harbhajan’s wicket was more about him than Edwards’ bowling


Bishoo created an impact on the match when he claimed a wicket of the very first ball that he bowled in the match. He got Laxman to misjudge a tossed up ball and forced him into driving early. When he got Dravid dismissed in a similar manner, it showed that he is man who holds a lot of promise


With the pitch aiding some bounce, he also  got Dhoni to edge one to first slip. With the combination of Raina and Harbhajan coming together, his methods became a little unsettled as he started to bowl flat


Harbhajan played him well and his method to unsettle him was to shuffle to the off and middle. He covered the turn and played him with the straight bat. Raina, on the other hand played him through covers expertly


Just when the heads were drooping down because of the partnership between Raina and Harbhajan, Bishoo pulled off a moment of brilliance. He came running in from long leg and realised that the ball was moving away from him. He dived across to his left and grabbed the ball. Enough to set the chest’s puffing


With the rapid strides that he made in the international cricket, he would soon learn the guiles associated in deceiving the batsmen. As his art grows better, he might even become articulate

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