Starring: Ravi Teja, Seiya, Supreeth, Rama Prabha

Released on: 19th December 2008

Director : Puri Jagannadh


An insider’s view of film industry through the eyes of a struggling Assistant director. The film captures the positive attitude of the protagonist in spite of trials and tribulations that he faces on a day-to-day basis. Interwoven in the narrative are a romantic track and a face-off with the antagonist too


Ravi Teja works as an assistant director to Brahmanandam. When asked by his mother as to what he stands to gain by working under him, he replies saying he would know how not to make a movie. In the process he meets Seiya, a dancing extra and is impressed with her attitude. After a couple of meetings, they start getting close to each other. This falls in the eyes of her brother-in-law, who does not quite like the fact and starts physically abusing her sister to get things done his way. In the process of shooting a trial video for his directorial aspirations, he pushes  forward the video to various directors. This enables Seiya to get noticed and aids in her becoming a heroine. Supreeth is smitten by her and wants to experience the beguiling charms. The worlds of Supreeth and Ravi Teja collide pretty often with both trying to put it across each other. The film ends with Ravi Teja realising his dream

Scenes to Watch

# Ravi Teja admonishing Seiya on not wearing a revealing costume. Seiya in turn compromises when threatened with the marching orders

# The trials for a small portion in the movie and the aspirants taking their frustration out in the form of dialogues for the part

# The scene where a production controller explains to the producer, how the director is blowing the money away

# Ravi Teja and Supreeth meeting for the first time. The way Ravi Teja reacts in dream and reality, when the integrity of film industry people is questioned

# Ravi Teja meeting Seiya in an auto and the romance track that follows. Subsequent scenes with Krishna Bhagwan are also good

# Seiya reacting emotionally to Ravi Teja not wishing on her birthday at midnight and Ravi Teja getting irritated by the futility of it all

# Ravi Teja narrating his story to a producer, who is unwilling to let him direct the movie, though he is impressed with the story. Ravi Teja explaining in simple and few words as to converting the negative into positive

# Ravi Teja explaining the meaning of passion to Seiya and advising her to stop wasting time

# Confrontational scene between Ravi Teja and Supreeth

# Scene between Ravi Teja and Seiya, where Ravi Teja explains the virtues of love

# Confrontational scene between Ravi Teja and Supreeth in an alley

#  Ravi Teja comforting Seiya when she comes to meet him after his mother’s death

# Ravi Teja going to Seiya’s house to get her consent for acting in his movie

# Ravi Teja punishing Supreeth’s brothers

# The climax

Highlights of the movie


Though the movie was about the rise of the underdog, it was the treatment of Puri Jagannadh that stands out. Though the movie was with some vulgar dialogues, it could not have been avoided as a few vital scenes would have ineffective. The dialogues mostly uttered by Supreeth bring out the brutality of his character

Director wanted to convey the human spirit and he brings it out with the positivity in Ravi Teja’s character. Nothing actually fazes him in the pursuit of his dream

The romantic angle also worked out well in the movie. Seiya and Ravi Teja have a lot of memorable scenes in the movie. None more terrific than the scene where Seiya comes to him and asks to elope

The action episodes stand out in the movie. Every fight in the movie, bar the climax was far from routine and helps in accentuating the protagonist’s character



There  isn’t any weakness in terms of movie-making but the director could have certainly toned down on the vulgar content in the dialogues. With people’s patience short these days, it was a tad lengthy that Ravi Teja tends to convey his thoughts in the form of superb dialogues, ironically. The vulgar content actually kept the family audiences away

Final Word


It certainly is a movie that the director made to his heart’s content rather than satisfying the audience and thus bowing down to the commercial aspects

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