Starring: Tarun, Shriya, Prakash Raj, Chandra Mohan

Released on: 10th October 2002

Director: Trivikram Srinivas

Synopsis :

A struggle of a daughter to choose between her father and her lover. Although it’s the struggle of the daughter, the director concentrates on showing it on on-screen between the respective roles of her father and lover. This movie delves into the psyche of a girl – her indecisiveness, lack of clarity


Tarun is the son of a shopping market owner and Shriya is the daughter of a multi-millionaire played by Chandra Mohan and Prakash Raj respectively.  Tarun’s initial scenes potray him as a vagabond and he contrives the situations such that Shriya falls in love with him. Meanwhile Shriya has a dad who loves her more than any other thing/person in this world. The different worlds that the protagonists in her life inhabit leads to a clash between them. They are pretty similar in showering love on her. Who Shriya choses in the end and whether she can placate both the parties is what forms the climax of the movie

Scenes to watch:

# The initial scene itself in the movie is a pointer to the way the movie would proceed

# The scene where Tarun does not have money to pay the canteen bill and end’s up cleaning the utensils

# Pizza-hut (or ) corner sequence where Tarun borrows a hundred rupees and treats Shilpa with the money

# The first time Tarun and Prakash Raj meet in the movie, in a five-star hotel lobby

# The scene where Tarun and Shriya fly to Mumbai

# The scene where Prakash Raj offers Tarun money to exit his daughter’s life

# The reason that Tarun gives  for not accepting the money and goes on to explain

# Tarun and Shriya meeting after Tarun refuses the money

# Tarun and Prakash Raj confrontation at Prakash Raj’s office

# Pond scene between the Brahmin and Prakash Raj

# Rajeev Kanakala explaining to himself the choice of the groom for Shriya with Prakash Raj

# Tarun getting Shriya back to her house and the scene that follows with Prakash Raj

# The climax scene in the pelli mandapam and Rajeev Kanakala’s expression at the end of it all

Highlights of the movie:

This movie was neither a path breaking love story nor did it set the cash register’s ringing. What it ensured was that if a director has the vision, he can forward the movie in any which manner possible. That Trivikram chose dialogues as his modus operandi works both in his favour and against . It worked against him because the audience did not have the attention span to register the kind of impact he wanted the dialogues. This probably explains the reason why the movie is popular in Cable channel circuit and it’s CD/DVD sales. The dialogues once your hear them register an impact that actually sets your mind into the thinking mode. The way he changes Tarun’s character from a happy go lucky person to a decidedly assured and assertive individual is simply amazing. Here are some of the dialogues that I liked the most in the movie

# Ee ammayi naa rakhtam panchukuni puttindhi ( The pride in the fact that she is my blood)

– Prakash Raj, explaining the pride in having a daughter and boy’s appreciating her beauty

# Pogaru… ammo figure (Arrogance .. Phew! A girl!)

– Tarun switching the moods seamlessly between ordering a store-boy and sighting a girl

#Manam Padhi metlu ekkithe, mana pillalu padhakondo mettu nunchi ekkalani anukuntam (Because we have reached certain heights in life, we would want our children to start from there on)

– Tarun explaining the normal philosophy of a middle class person on being questioned as to why he is depending on his father and intends to continue the business

#Amma, avvakai, Anjali (Mom. Pickle and Anjali)

-Tarun making his priorities in life clear to Shriya

#Evanni nenu appudu cheppunte koppam lo cheppanu anukuntaru, kaani ippudu chepthe meeku ardham avuthundhi (If I had told you all these then itself, you would have thought that I am talking out of anger, but you would understand it now)

-Tarun explaining the reasons why he refuses the money offered to him and explaining the delay in pointing out the reasons

# Innalu nenu okka andhamaina ammayini preminchanu annukunannu, kani ivvala modati sari nenu okka dabbuna ammayini premistunanu anipistondhi. Enduku untaru illa meeru… nuvvu mee nana(All these days I thought I loved a beautiful girl but today for the first time I feel I love a daughter of a rich man)

-Tarun making his anguish clear to Shriya when she offers him money to get back the gold chain that he had pledged to go on a trip to Mumbai with her

#Naa chellule kanaka okka bichagodu premisthe, alochistanu. Inallu manam penchina ammayi vadini preminchindhi ante vadi aluvatlyu maaku degiraga vuntayyi ani ( If at all my sister loves a beggar, I would think that a gal whom we have bought up so lovingly would have fallen in love with him because of the closeness in habits)

-Tarun, explaining the fact that he would give a look-in to the fact as to why a gal would have loved a boy

#Nenu dani nammakani namuthanu (I believe her beliefs)

-Prakash Raj saying what must be every father’s belief

#Nee jeevithaniki vondha markulu aithe, naaku muppai vaadiki dabbai. Nakkinko aidhu markulu vesi pass cheyinchalevaa amma ( If your life was a 100 mark question, you would give me 30 and 70 to him. Can’t you give me 5 marks more and get me to the passing mark)

-Prakash Raj blackmailing his daughter into submission when she confronts him with the fact that he had offered Tarun money

#Nizam danini manam marchalem (We can’t alter the truth)

-Tarun in explaining about his love to Prakash Raj

#Manam eem chestunaamo manaki telusthundhi, manaki matrame telusthundhi, meeku telusu ( Only we know what we are doing. Even you know it)

-Tarun says the fact that we all but don’t accept. That we know what we do is right or wrong and our conscience should have the first say in deciding our actions. Rajeev Kanakala’s expression at the end of this say it all


If at all there is any weakness in the movie then it has to be the lack of a comic angle to the movie. Although Sunil manages to provide some relief it’s not enough as this is a emotionally heavy drama

All in all, it’s a movie that I like watching again and again. I would do so till the dialogues fail to create an impact on me. Till then, let’s salute the writer that Trivikram is

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