When we are used to watching a person turn the ordinary into extra-ordinary, we come to expect that he/she is devoid of mediocrity and then when we actually see them being a part of mediocrity, we expect for some SUPERSTAR touch that never comes . And what of a person who has the world at his hand but then throws it all away. All this thoughts run across the mind after  watching the latest release of Ravi Teja, ‘Veera’. The fact that shines through after watching this movie is that there are scripts that even Ravi Teja can’t salvage

In the past few years Ravi Teja has been the actor that directors go to, if they want to enact the phoenix act on their careers but on the flip side, what about directors that can’t deliver a hit with him. Well we need to talk to Amma Rajashekhar, Mahesh Shankar for that. Now we can talk see that all unravelling in front of our eyes with Ramesh Varma. Amidst all this, hope can only come in the form of Ravi Teja himself. Ask Harish Shankar for further evidence

The  movie is beset with PROBLEMS with the narrative. When the portion that introduces the patriarchal part of Ravi Teja, the movie falls flat on its face as comedy is dependent on entendre and goes to show the protagonist as a sex-hungry character

Surely the movie does have its moments but they are far and flung in between to make sense of them. The best part of the movie is obviously the part where Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam come together. One just has to wonder as to how could the director throw  away the chance with such entertainers at his disposal

Ravi Teja is known to make such blunders once in a while but to actually get Kajal and Tapsee to commit similar blunders does take some effort. Ramesh Varma does need some applause for getting a group to commit blunders

One positive from this movie is the discovery of Dancing talents of Tapsee. She reminds people of Radha, the way she dances

Mr. Ramesh Varma please bide your time till Ravi Teja stumbles upon the fact that you need a life because with this kind of direction nobody else would come forward to act in your direction

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