Some of the movies that I watched multiple times

How many times has it happened to you that, on a lazy sunday afternoon you get to watch the movie that you have always cherished watching? Have you ever gone beyond the happiness, to find why are you attracted to watching that movie multiple times

Even I have been a victim of that phenomenon. I find myself rushing to the theaters when a movie impresses me. There are many factors that can make you watch a movie more than once

Background Music

If you have ever been a fan of Illayaraja, you would certainly vouch for the fact that the Background Music in his movies is way beyond praise. There are a lot of movies that have been redeemed by his background score. As recently as 2009, there was a entire movie based on the initial strum of his song (Sarvam)

BGM raises the effect of a scene and a music director knows this the best. One of the movies that had good Background Music in the recent days is Ko. Harris Jayraj knows what to do in this movie with the BGM. It was the BGM that made the hard hitting film appear even better


Another factor that makes you run to the theatres is the presence of some scenes that you would want to see over and over again. I remember as a child, wanting to watch ‘Aatish’ over and over again only because of a single scene. The scene where Sanjay Dutt comes back from jail to meet Aditya Panscholi tugged the right chords for me

Neninthe was another movie that had a host of scenes that could be watched one after the other on a loop mode

This is where the protagonists come into the picture. Neninthe, for instance had Ravi Teja having the audience eat out of his hands. If the protagonist has another performer complimenting him in the scene, then the effect would be resonating . Remember Bomarillu anyone


How many times have you been drawn to the theaters showing a comedy entertainer than a movie that is preachy? The fact is, that people would prefer to leave their brains at home to watch a movie rather than scratch their brains to comprehend a movie. It is not that the ‘intellectual’ movies wont find takers, but the publicity for the movie has to oriented around the fact that it is an intellectual movie

Sometimes even that may not work as Puri Jagannath found out with ‘Nenu naa Rakshasi’. It was promoted as a movie belonging to the film noir genre and also as an intellectual movie. What gives the movie away was that it had to compromise to the market beliefs. The last couple of scenes in the movie were meant to appease the viewers but the makers were caught. The box office collections reflect that they were

Believability, relatable, and looking up to the protagonist

The heading itself is self-explanatory. When the protagonists role is believable or relatable then we find ourselves heading to the screens more often. Remember around the time, when Bomarillu that every youth was painting his father to be a Prakash Raj

Sometimes we would want to see the protagonist doing things that we would want to do but are not able to. This feeling of helplessness goes a long way in us realising it through the protagonist we see on screen

P.S : This is a not a comprehensive list of the factors that would make a viewer watch the movie twice but these are the factors based on individual perspective. And that individual happens to be me

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