“A good newspaper is like a nation talking to itself(sic)” goes the saying in the background in the last scene of the movie. Even though its in the background, it catches your eye because of you being involved with the movie

Despite allegations of it being a remake of a Hollywood movie, the movie scores on the basis of the vision of the director and the performances of the cast

KV Anand is known for showing his movies in a lavish manner and he follows the precedent set in his previous movie, Ayan. In this movie too, interval is not for the sake of a break but to keep you waiting for the events to unfold. And the death of a character sets off a chain of events in both the movies

Though he has wasted seasoned performers like Prakash Raj and  Kota Srinivasa Rao, he more than makes up for it by extracting top-notch performances from Jiiva, Ajmal Ameer, Pia Bajpai and Karthika Nair

Its racy from the first frame to the point where the movie is turned on its head. The actors who refused the protagonists role must now be kicking their backsides. Jiiva infuses a lot of life into the role and comes out trumps. There is not a scene where he has underperformed/overacted. He will certainly look back with fondness whenever KO crosses his mind

Ajmal Ameer is a revelation and it would not be stretching to say that the movie revolves around him. He has come up with a superb performance that complement his good looks. A huge praise here needs to go to the artiste who dubbed for him

Pia Bajpaai’s role in the movie is short in length but is very important when considered that it pushes the movie forward

Karthika whose debut film in Telugu was a dud and a role in which she was made-up, shrugs off the after effects and delivers an impeccable performance. The good news for her is that the only way for her is up

Another similarity with Ayan in this movie is picturising it in virgin locations. If Ayan was shot in Congo, then Ko is shot beautifully in Norway in the song sequences. Except for the song ‘Venpaniye’ nowhere does the picturisation appear dramatic/filmy


A word of praise needs to be reserved for Harris Jayraj too as he not only scores superb songs but also scored superb Background music. The BGM added a lot to the effect of the scenes

The recent trend in Telugu film industry has been to put forward the titles impressively. KV Anand scores a centum for the titles. He invited people to send photographs through social network and put them up. The titles in his future films will be keenly awaited

As mentioned before even though the film is rumoured to be a remake, KV Anand does make sure that he leaves his signature on it. If Ayan was a trendsetter then Ko does certainly give an image to him as it pushes him into the league of directors that actors aspire to work with

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